Laptop Sleeves, Phone Cases, Tablet Covers & More: DailyObjects’ Tech Accessories Are Winning Hearts!


There’s plenty more to DailyObjects than what meets the eye. If you think they’ve only mastered classic bag styles, you’re missing out. From trendy tablet covers and laptop sleeves to groundbreaking phone cases and functional bags - they do everything with UNBELIEVABLE finesse. 

What Makes It Awesome?

DailyObjects has done A LOT more than phone covers and they’ve done it right. From mobile wallets and leather card holders, all the way to game-changing laptop sleeves and tablet accessories, their styles and shapes are evolving and winning! Their gorgeous online site has a lot to offer and our trusted friends confirm that all their products are worthwhile investments offering premium quality. We’ve been carrying these phone cases everywhere and TBH, our mirror selfie game has gone way up. Our personal favourites? Their holographic glass phone cases and their modern & handcrafted laptop sleeves.

Pro Tip

Their response to online queries is quick and they have a HUGE section for corporate and personal gifting!