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7 Lingerie Essentials from Clovia for Every Woman’s Wardrobe



    Ask a woman what she does to immediately feel sexy and good about herself on a bad day, and there’s a good chance she’ll tell you that she puts on her sexiest piece of lingerie beneath even the drabbest of clothes.

    On the same lines, you could be wearing the trendiest and most flattering pieces of clothing, but put on a wrong piece of lingerie underneath and all you’re left with is discomfort, accompanied by lots of tugging and pulling—not the best situation to be in. With the help of Clovia, your online destination for all your lingerie requirements, we’re letting you in on the seven pieces of lingerie you must own to have the best of both worlds, inside and out.

    Sports Bras

    If you’ve been doing your workouts in your regular bras all this while, please stop right now. You may believe that it hardly makes a difference, but you can end up damaging your breast tissue. If you’re into running, kickboxing, or doing any other high-intensity workouts, there are bras specifically made to give you the required amount of support, and for low-intensity activities like yoga and Pilates, there are different ones too.

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    Strapless Bras & Convertible Bras

    Ever since high school we’ve seen girls trying to fool the world with transparent straps under their tube tops and dresses. Well you ain’t fooling anyone with those, which is why we think it’s a great idea to invest in a nice strapless bra to help you with off-shoulder options in your wardrobe.

    If your wardrobe has other variety of tops like one-shoulder offs, racer backs, and halter necks, you should opt for a convertible bra instead which lets you adjust the straps to go perfectly with the attire you’re planning to wear.

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    Basic Everyday Bras

    Before you even think of prints and laces, the first few thing every lingerie drawer needs is a set of everyday cotton bras in basic shades of white, black, and nude. These will form the very foundation of your bra collection because they’ll work with more than half of what you’ve got in your wardrobe. Just ensure that you get the right size for yourself and that you wear the colour closest to your top and you’re off to a good start.

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    T-Shirt Bras

    We’ve all seen someone {or have been that someone} whose wrong choice of lingerie is immediately known in the entire vicinity due to some weird spillage, outlines, a high degree of bounce, and worst of all, a nipple show-through {we’re cringing at the mere thought of these}.

    A smooth and well-fitted T-shirt bra is what you need to be completely at ease when you wear tops that hug you tight around the chest. And if you’re unsure about going the padded route, there are lightly molded versions available too that would do the job without adding any bulk.

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    Cotton Briefs

    It’s easy to lust after the silky, satiny variants that you see models sporting on ads, but cotton briefs are the best thing for you in terms of comfort and hygiene. Save the fancy stuff for that third date {or first, if that’s how you roll}, and stock up on some cotton briefs in a fit of your choice – bikini style, hipsters, or boy shorts.

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    Shape Wear

    Got a nice tight number you plan to wear for your birthday, but bits of flab got you worried? Depending on what your area of concern is, there are a few options you can choose from—a tummy control panty, a thigh shaper or a complete body suit to beat the bulge, in a bandage dress, perhaps. A couple of problems though: These can get uncomfortable if worn beyond a certain point, and worse, can roll down as you’re sitting, making the bulges even more pronounced than they were without the tummy tucker. This is where it may be a good idea to loosen those purse strings and invest in some good quality shapewear instead of skimping on the cash and regretting it later.

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    Thongs or Seamless Underwear

    VPLs {Visible panty lines}—we’ve all heard enough of this term on TV {we do feel bad for all those celebrities caught on camera} and seen it in real life enough number of times to know that it’s a very real thing. And to avoid any situation that involves this, it’s best to put on a thong to avoid embarrassment. Not sure of putting on anything that…tiny? There are some great seamless panties {and bras too} that do the same job minus the discomfort.

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