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Lobs, Highlights, And A Killer Head Massage At Martina Wu’s Salon

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Who’s Wu?

Martina Wu’s salon has become my go-to spot for hair-care, cuts, colour, and everything else that’s got to do with taming those tresses. It’s the neighbourhood bar of salons where everyone knows your name, you’ve got a favourite hair-tender {yes, bartender in the context of a salon}, and your poison of choice {cut/colour/trim/treatment} comes pretty reasonably priced.

How Did We Get Started?

You know how people get tattoos or jump off a plane just for thrills? Well, I get a haircut. To be precise, I get a trim. My hair’s probably looked the same for the past couple of years with varying degrees of length. So this tells you two things: I’m not very adventurous when it comes to my hair {but I do love to bungee-jump}, and I don’t really trust anyone with it, predominantly because I’ve had some rather disastrous haircuts and colours in the past.

I went to Martina Wu, firstly, because I found her on LBB’s guide to best hairdressers in town, and secondly because I really needed to get rid of my lion-mane.

In three months, I’ve gone to her salon for a change of hair colour, a hair spa, a head massage, and two haircuts {one to cut down the winter frizz, and two, because I was inspired by Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s lob and wanted to give it a shot}. So, ladies, you know it’s getting serious.

What I Love

For starters, it’s how hands-on Martina and Rita, the proprietors of Martina Wu, are with any hairstyling taking place. You aren’t passed on to someone else, you aren’t made to feel like you’re taking too much time in making up your mind, and you can have a conversation about work, life, hair, and everything else while they’re at it.

I’ve got my hair cut and coloured by Martina herself, so I can recommend her from first-hand experience. She likes to experiment, and encouraged me to try a new hairstyle, but doesn’t impose her opinions, tastes, or preferences on her clients {unlike this one dude at a different salon who, despite my reluctance, gave me the worst fringe of my life}.

What I found to be super helpful was taking ample references of ladies whose hairstyles and colour I liked and then Martina tempering those down to match my skin tone. The colour turned out to be just what I wanted {honey/hazelnut-esque highlights} and the subsequent lob I got has been a risk that’s paid off well.

Other services at the salon include the usual mani, pedi, waxing, threading, etc. I haven’t checked those out yet, but I will recommend the head massage at Martina Wu as well: INR 450 for absolute relaxation.

Who Is It For?

At the salon, I’ve seen old people, young people, ladies with crazy-good hairstyles {a pink and blonde Mohawk on an expat, for instance}, those playing it safe, those wanting something different— all trusting the mighty scissors of Martina.

I’d pick Martina’s haircuts for when you’re looking to switch things up for your tresses and need a pro on the job.