Post Workout Snack: Grab These Flavoured Low Fat Yogurts From Epigamia

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What Makes It Awesome

Epigamia offers Greek yogurt in a variety of awesome flavours - Natural, Alphonso Mango, Blueberry, Honey Banana, Vanilla Bean, Green Apple, and Wild Raspberry. These 100% vegetarian, all milk yogurts make an excellent post-sweat-session snack. A cup of this will help you recover faster after a workout, leaving you feeling fresh and satisfied.

What's My Pro Tip?

I love to add my favourite granola to the cup of Honey Banana itself {pictured}, it makes for an even perfect treat for any time of the day.

Anything Else?

Your body needs to have a healthy amount of good bacteria in the digestive tract, and most yogurts are made using active good bacteria but Epigamia yogurts are all natural with zero preservatives added and the right ratio of protein to carbohydrates.

The perfect time to grab a container is within 60 minutes of exercise. It's a bonus if you drink a bottle of water along with it: The protein in yogurt may also help increase the amount of water absorbed by the intestines, improving hydration.