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You Need To Know About This Matka-Man Who Is Quenching Delhi's Thirst

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Why Is This Awesome

A resident of Panchsheel Park, Alag Natrajan aka Matka-Man has been all over the Internet and for the right reasons. Now, let us tell you why and how is he alag.

It was in the year 2014 when Natrajan diverted his mind to the issue that needed everybody's attention and that was the heat and the need for water. Each day, he could see so many people going thirsty and that is when he decided that he should do something for the same.

So, what is he doing exactly? Natrajan has developed and set up around 15 matka stands around his neighbourhood in South Delhi to quench the thirst of everyone in need. The stands set up by him also have his telephone number (to contact him just in case, the matkas get empty). The water in these matkas is supplied by a school in the vicinity, two kind-hearted souls, and the rest he gets from his home in a van (matkas need around 2000 litres of water each day).

His van has been fitted with an 800-litre water tank, a pump, and a generator to run it. With the help of this van, he makes sure that the matkas are filled every day and at least four times a day (during peak summer months). If you thought that this is all he does, you are wrong. During the morning hours, he, along with his friend makes masala omelettes for people going to work. He offers this free of cost to children and women, while for others, he sells it at a very reasonable cost (at INR 15). He has even set up 100 cycle pumps around his neighbourhood so that people can fill air any time they want for absolutely no cost at all.


Natrajan is doing what best he can to help the needy. How can you contribute? By volunteering with him. He's always looking for people to help him in any way possible. Check out his website and get in touch with him if you are willing.