Meet Fellow Readers, and Borrow and Lend Books, with Lenro

And no, we don’t mean you exchange Kindles, iPads or whatever e-book it is you are using. We’re talking real paperbacks, where you can flip pages, smell the printing press, and actually see how many pages you got through.

Here’s what Lenro does; think of it as your friendly neighbourhood book match-maker, and social library. Since paperbacks are expensive, and depending on the author and story, are most times read just once, Lenro facilitates the act of lending and borrowing. Think of it as a social network of sorts; once you sign up {which you can do via Facebook}, it’ll ask for your location. Once you’ve entered your home/office address, it’ll search your neighbourhood for trending books and possible lenders. You can go through the list of books, search for book titles, choose to list yourself as a lender of a book, or send a borrow request to someone who is willing to lend what you’re looking for. Alternatively, it gives you the option of either buying it on Amazon, or borrowing from their book repository.

What’s awesome is your individual profile, which shows what books you have read, which ones you’ve borrowed, lent, and are willing to lend. More than the act of your very own accessible virtual library, it connects you with like minded readers, and there’s always the option of PMing them to, we don’t know, organize a little read together? Wow, so many birds, one book.

As for the actual process, Lenro’s MO is to have people connect over a shared love of literature, so based on location, once it introduces you, the meeting-up, borrowing and lending is on you. This way they ensure physical interaction. As for making sure books are returned and in working condition, they’re relying on trust and a shared respect for books. And reminders. Lenro will alert a user as to when he/she has lapsed. Oh also, did we mention you are awarded reputation points, basis how good and trustworthy you are. Now no one wants a reputation that precedes them.

Start the process, here, and follow them on Facebook for regular updates, here.