Heading To Dehradun? Find Momos {And Inner Peace} At This Monastery


    Tourist guides often overlook this Buddhist oasis in Dehradun, which is the Mindrolling Monastery. If you’re headed towards the city or Mussoorie this summer, this can be a worthwhile addition to your itinerary.

    Behold The Great Stupa

    The monastery complex covers a lot of ground with its stupas, buildings and expansive landscaped lawns. The World Peace Stupa, or the Great Stupa, stands tall in its 185-feet glory – its stature making it one of the world’s largest stupas. The structure houses a massive Buddha statue, Buddhist relics and exquisite murals inside {photography is prohibited}, and a moment at the top of its stairs can give you a sweeping view of the entire monastery area, complete with the prayer wheels, the manicured gardens and the colossal ‘standing Buddha’.

    The area also has guesthouses, dining spaces, and the Ngedon Gatsal Ling which is the main monastery. Try to stay behind to witness a prayer or study session in the shrine room to get a richer experience. For a better understanding of the legacy of the Mindrolling Monastery, check here.

    Lunch Break Sorted

    The Tibetan colony around the monastery complex has local residences as well as plenty of shops and eateries {imagine a Dehradun version of Majnu ka Tila maybe}. The small restaurants serve basic fare like noodles and more authentic Tibetan meals and snacks, including everyone’s beloved momos.

    We got hot buff momos from a tiny home-style place, and even got to see some being made from scratch {such fine craftsmanship}. So if you find yourself hungry after a walk around the stupas, head to one of these local restaurants for a hearty lunch {watch out for the chilli chutney though}.

    Anything Else?

    The area is set right next to a lush forest which means that monkeys are a common sight. Keep your purses and cameras close to you while navigating your way through the area.