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So Much Shanti At This Beautiful & Tranquil Homestay Near Santiniketan


    If you’re planning a vacation away from the rigmarole of city life and are still grappling with where to head, Red Earth Farms and Homestays, Bolpur, Santiniketan, is an ideal destination to discover the wild and yourself.

    Take Me Down To Paradise…City?

    Red Earth Farms and Homestays, as it’s called is a quiet, idyllic place in the lap of nature. It’s a short distance from Shantiniketan, nearing a Santal {tribal} village and is founded by Rabindranath Tagore. People looking for sounds of nature, some silence, pristine water bodies and unpolluted air, this is a place you can definitely check off your little black book. The mud huts or the cottages are ideal for a homestays here and they’re all built out of vernacular architecture {well, we mean sustainable of course} and they can accommodate up to eight people. Perfect for that unforgettable fam vacation!

    Real Earthy Vibes

    With something bang in the middle of well, nowhere, you can still find the basic amenities available to you at the cottages like running hot water in their loos or coffee/tea maker etc.  If you’re adventurous enough you can even hire a bicycle and roam about the area or visit the neighbouring tribal village and explore some tribal culture of the eastern part of India. Apart from that, you can also help the local farmers with some farming activities {as farming is the mainstay and livelihood there}. You can also practice some fishing skills at the nearest water body by hiring a fishing rod from these folks.

    How Do We Teleport?

    You can obviously catch a flight from here and head to Kolkata and get one of those yellow cabs to drive you down to Bolpur {where the homestay is located}. Or you can get in touch with these guys and they can arrange a pick-up service from the airport/station and bring you to paradise. Their tariffs start at INR 3,000 per person, for two people {what?!} and if you’re more than two then they go up with ever individual by INR 1,000 unless of course you have kids below the age of 12. Find out more on their Facebook page.

    So We’re Saying…

    West Bengal is beautiful and exploring it is quite a thrill. Imagine staying in the middle of nowhere amidst a jungle and a water body, bonding with your family and switching off from everything else for a minute. Just, imagine.