The Capital's Chief Electoral Officer Houses An Impressive Election Museum, One That You Need To Visit

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What Makes It Awesome

After quirky museums like Sulabh Toilet museum, the capital now hosts India’s very first Election museum. Being the World’s largest democracy, it was high time we flaunted our democratic status with a dedicated museum. However, since its inauguration last year, it has not received the limelight it deserves. Situated in the office premises of the Chief Electoral Officer in Delhi, the location is one of the best parts of this Election Education Centre-cum-Museum. Built in 1890, the old St. Stephens building in Kashmiri Gate is a perfect setting to showcase the rich electoral heritage of India and one can’t help admire the old-world charm of British architecture.

Once inside, passionate election officers guide you through the electoral tour de force. The India’s first ever ballot machine is on display. If you are a patriot like me, you cannot help feel goosebumps as they narrate stories about the whole process that goes behind the casting of your valuable vote. I was shocked to know how the voter turnout has dwindled since the first election held in 1950. I was amused to see all the social awareness posters and cartoons.

What's My Pro Tip?

Get down at Kashmiri Gate metro station and walk 500m {or take a rickshaw} to the office of the Chief Electoral Officer. Entry is free as of now as they want to see maximum visits. You can book your visit online or you can spontaneously barge into their office with a valid Id and a request application. You will be welcomed happily.

Anything Else?

A delight for Humanities students and a must visit for the likes of me who are almost incognizant to the happenings of our electoral democracy.