This Hidden Lounge At New Delhi Railway Station Has TVs, Lounge Chairs, WiFi & More!


    You don’t have to make your suitcase your seating space when you’re waiting for your train at NDLS next time, because we found a luxury lounge {comfy lounge chairs, access to WiFi and even some Pepsi!} at platform number 16 and it costs INR 200!

    {Literally} A Hidden Gem

    While a lot of us swear by the good old train for our journeys, let’s be honest and admit that waiting for trains is probably the part we hate the most. But, what if we tell you that IRCTC {Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation} has made it all better by introducing this executive lounge at New Delhi Railway Station? Well, to be fair, the lounge has been there for a while but is rather hidden. To reach it, you should ideally take the Ajmeri Gate entrance and find your way to platform 16.

    But once you locate it, you’ll find yourself in an atmosphere quite different than the rest of the railway station. There’s comfy recliners, food, train announcements, television, newspapers, WiFi, aerated drinks and everything that you need in order to not just kill time, but do it in comfort. The cost for the first two hours is INR 200 and the consecutive hours will set you back by INR 70 only.

    You can unlock the ultimate level of luxury by opting for their massage chair, which will cost you another INR 198 for 30 minutes. For food, they have vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets, which will cost you a maximum of INR 360 and give you steaming hot food. In fact, they have facilities like printouts, scans, computers, and hell, they’ll even give you a bathing kit in case you plan to have a bath!

    So, We're Saying...

    We’re glad this hidden space at the most unexpected place has been discovered, and we can finally wait for our trains in peace.

    You can book your spot for it right here.

    Note: All prices are exclusive of taxes.