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No More Waxing Pain Now! Check Out This Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream!

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Vi John Women Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream

Can't stand the waxing pain?  Introducing you Vi John Women Feather Touch -the smartest body hair solution with feather touch hair removal cream for women. There are six types of hair removal cream.

1. Aloe vera & rose

2. Lime & aloe vera

3. Sandal & aloe vera

4. Aloe vera & cucumber

5. Haldi & Chandan

6. Saffron & honey

The best part, it works like magic in no time, only 3 min formula and you can apply it yourself! All work differently and give the best results. So ditch the tiring waxing sessions and give your skin the goodness of feather touch hair removal cream.