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90s Kids Will Remember: We Got Phantom Cigarettes, Pan Pasand & More Nostalgic Treats For You!

    All the 90s kids will remember how we saved every penny given by our parents or the 1 rupee coins we found lying around the house to buy our monthly stash of Phantom cigarettes, buntas, Hully Gully and what not. Sadly, as we grew up, these things disappeared from the corner nukkad shops. But we did a bit of research and found that you can buy everything online {sweeeet!}. Now switch on Cartoon Network, binge on a packet of Chatmola and relive the good times.

    Parle Poppins

    Trying different colours of Parle Poppins and figuring out what flavour it was.. does this seem all too familiar? Buy a pack already and bond over Poppins’ flavours with your childhood gang {just like good ol’ days}.

    Buy here.


    Phantom Cigarette Candies

    Phantom Cigarette Candies brought out the gangster in every kid. Wearing an imaginary fedora hat and having a Phantom ciggie between your teeth was how the cool kids rolled back then. You just gotta love them!

    Buy here.


    Ayurveda or not, as kids we only cared about running to the closest shop after school and buying a pack of these God-sent Fatafat candies. And if you were too broke, befriending any kid who had a pack was the way to go.

    Buy here.

    Kismi Toffee

    Only Kismi Toffee could make elaichi taste so good. On birthdays, kids who brought Kismi {or Eclairs}  to school were the boss for at least a few days and longer if they distributed those Kismi bars.

    Buy here.

    Paan Pasand

    As kids, we’d any day prefer Paan Pasand over the change our parents got after all the grocery shopping. Secretly, we always hoped that the shopkeeper wouldn’t have enough change and gave these lovely toffees instead.

    Buy here.

    Center Shock Chewing Gum

    Center Shock Chewing Gum made you squint and tingled your tastebuds like nothing else and that’s why almost every kid loved it so much!

    Buy here.


    Soft, sugar-sprinkled fruity Jujubes is what made our days as kids so much better {& Cartoon Network}. You were the happiest when your parents bought these for you after a lot of convincing and promises to always eat vegetables.

    Contact Defence Bakers and Caterers to get your hands on a pack of tasty jujubes.


    Whoever says that they can stop after just one pack of Chatmola is lying. These maroon coloured tiny balls are so addictive that only after having at least three packs can you even think about saying that you’re done for the day.

    Buy here.


    In this whole list, Nutties is perhaps the only candy that you might still find at the shops near your house {you have to be really lucky} but for most of us, it’s been ages since we had these delicious chocolate-y balls. Order one {or 20} right away!

    Buy here.

    Swad Toffees

    Yes, the Swad toffees have a shady and perhaps, an unappetizing packaging but what’s inside is pure gold. The toffee is supposedly a ‘digestive drop’ but for most of us, it’ll always be the beloved candy we popped like M&Ms.

    Buy here.

    Mentos Marbels

    Mentos Marbels has so many fruity flavours in just one pack! We kinda liked all the flavours, be it watermelon, orange, mango or even guava and refused to share it with anyone else

    Contact them or click notify me on zopnow to buy Mentos Marbels once it’s back in stock.

    Lotte Coffy Bite

    As kids, we didn’t mind the funny spelling of Lotte Coffy Bite and this was probably all the coffee we were allowed to have during the time.

    Buy here.