Let's Talk Multivitamins & Why You Should Check Out These Health Supplements

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What Makes It Awesome

There are a bunch of different vitamins that your body can't really function without. Well, 13 to be exact. To help meet these requirements, health supplements are a saviour; they're like a shortcut to making sure you've got all the vitamins you need to help your body work and it's in a convenient little tablet. Nutracology uses high quality ingredients to make health supplements that are backed by scientific testing.

Their multivitamin tablets for women has Vitamin A, C, D, E, calcium, iron and some other essential ingredients. You just have to take 1 tablet a day and the bottle has 60 tablets so it'll last you 2 months (or longer if you're forgetful but don't be!) These tablets help improve energy levels, increase bone density, immunity and the digestive system. Other solutions for hair and skin are their Vitamin C tablets (helps with glowing skin and immunity), biotin for hair growth and a supplement specifically for hair, skin and nails. 

They also make workout solutions like pre-workout supplements to help with strength and whey protein and mass gainer to get your protein intake up and enough to make working out effective. Also check out the Tongkat Ali tablet or la arginine capsule for strength. They've even got keto capsules, melatonin capsules for better sleep and probiotic capsules for digestion. 

Price: INR 400 upwards