Can't Get Off---White's OOO Sneakers? Get These 5 White Sneakers Instead


    Trends may come and go (and come right back again) but one forever classic trend you could never go wrong with is the humble white sneaker. From the time every pair of white sneakers for women had to be the Adidas Superstars or men's white sneaker pick was the Nike Air Force 1s, we've come a long way to Off---White's OOO sneakers. As much as I love the OOO look, I definitely don't (and won't or can't) spend almost $500 on a pair of sneakers. So read on for 5 pocket-friendly white sneakers to opt for instead.

    Men's Contrast Lace White Casual Sneakers

    Men Contrast Lace White Casual Sneakers


    White sneakers can be daunting, considering how easily they scruff up. This is a nice way of easing into the white sneaker life for men, though, with the contrasting black laces and stitch detailing that, in our heads, gives us the arrow stitch feeling like in the Out Of Office shoes but at a much, much lower price.

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    Women's Evil Eye Patch Solid Sneakers

    Women Evil Eye Patch Solid Sneakers


    If Gucci and Off---White's sneakers decided to have a baby, this pair would easily make it onto every woman's sneakers dream board on Pinterest. This quirky, embellished pair has a little OTT, dramatic vibe to it and we love how, with some planning, these could totally work with western outfits and casual ethnic looks, too.

    Men's White Walking Shoes

    Men White Men Walking Shoes


    These sneakers resemble the chunky design of the OG shoes we're after enough to have us want to wear these for literally everything from workouts to running errands to casual outings. They're padded and surprisingly lighter than we expected considering the chunky look and the fact they're made with vegan leather is a big plus in our books. 

    Women's Metal Detail White Sneakers

    Women Metal Detail White Sneakers


    These'll become your go-to white sneakers for when you have no idea what'll match your outfit. They're classically white with clean lines but the simple addition of the metallic detailing on the  eyelets makes them look so much cooler than basic sneakers. 

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    Men's Blue Back Detail Solid Canvas Casual Shoes

    Men Blue Back Detail Solid Canvas Casual Shoes


    If you're looking for a balanced white sneaker look that can be worn from work to casual dinner to everything in between, we really like these sneakers with a contrasting blue-back design that's sort of like a mullet but for shoes (casual in the front, business in the back.)