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The Oriental Terrace

DLF Phase - 5

The Oriental Terrace: Feeding Us, One Cuisine At A Time

Ritika posted on 25 April


The Oriental Terrace at DLF Club 5 is a member’s-only restaurant {you can also come as a guest} which aims at serving authentic pan-Asian fare, focussing on one particular cuisine at a time.

Must Eat

Phad Phak Ruam Mit {Thai-style stir fried vegetables}, Basil Tofu and Mushrooms

The Kung Pao chicken and Black Pepper Lamb are also worth indulging in. For dessert, we highly recommend the Lemongrass Panacotta.

Must Drink

Tom Yum Soup

What We Loved

They focus on one cuisine on a monthly basis. Last month it was Korean. Currently it’s Balinese. You’ll get dishes like Sayur Urap {mixed vegetable salad with spiced grated coconut} and Nasi Goreng.  

Next month, they plan to have a steamed food festival. On offer will be varied cuisines and dishes like the Vietnamese steamed Basa with Thai fresh herbs.

What Didn't Impress Us

The service can be a bit slow, so come here when you’re in the mood to languish.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Lunch or dinner, whenever you feel like exploring Asian cuisine.


The only catch is you have to be a member, or a guest accompanying a member. Annual membership is INR 50,000 {with a refundable INR 20,000} which includes use of the restaurants, bar, pool and tennis court. We think it’s worth it, but only if you live nearby.

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Casual Dining

The Oriental Terrace

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DLF Phase - 5

DLF Club 5, DLF Phase 5, Gurgaon

Casual Dining

The Oriental Terrace

DLF Phase - 5