Woofmark This: Paw Petisserie's Founder Tells Us Their Favourite Pet Brands

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I don't take healthy living as seriously for myself as I do for my dogs. I really, really like to make sure they're only eating the best treats, wearing the comfiest (and cutest) leashes and just living their best lives. Doing that, I found Paw Petisserie, a bakery for pets that loves dogs as much as our dogs love their treats. So I asked their founder for their favourite pet brands and here's what they told me.

All these brands and stores have been handpicked by Paw Petisserie's founder.

Paw Petisserie

Paw Petisserie

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Well, duh, first up had to be Paw Petisserie. They make all their treats gluten-free, preservative-free and they're also without any artificial flavourings. The treats (which they ship all over the country) include options like chicken jerky, peanut butter biscuits, mutton chips, salmon jerky and a lot more. My dogs excitement level when they see their pack of chicken jerky is probably as much as when they get to go for a walk. 

Delhi folks, they have cakes, cupcakes and frozen treats available to be sent and they can be customised, too! 

Price: INR 350 upwards for treats

Cubo & Co.

Cubo & Co.

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Cubo & Co. is an awesome Instagram store that makes you and your dog look like a dream team. They make bandanas, bows and clothes for dogs that come with matching options for their humans like masks, scrunchies or headbands. Their prints are super fun and bright and honestly, I love the idea of twinning with my baby. 

Price: INR 400 upwards

Bark Butler

Bark Butler is as adorable as it sounds; their pet supplies are cute and functional and I kinda wanna get it all. They have chew toys and stuffed toys so you can pick based on whichever your dog prefers to play with. They also have pet wipes and poop bags so you can clean up after your dog (if you aren't doing it already!) Oh, and they also have an ice-cream premix which is super easy to make - add water and freeze - that you should check out.

Price: INR 350 upwards for toys

Cure By Design India

Cure By Design

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Cure By Design India is a wellness brand that makes all their products vegan, hemp-based and plant-based. They have a separate section for hemp-based products for pets like the hemp healing balm (which helps calm them down) and hemp seed oil which helps their coat, eyes, nails and many more benefits. 

Price: INR 250 upwards

Back In The Day

Based out of Bangalore, Back In The Day is like a skincare brand for pets. Their scooby-dub-dub pack helps keep away ticks and enhances the quality of their coats. They've also got an all-natural cleanser, an oat-based soap, and some products can even be used by you, like the chamomile flowers which will get you a relaxing cup of tea and a DIY spray for your pets. 

Price: INR 200 upwards


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