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Pop Open The World of Deliciousness With The Singleton Plus Two Experience!

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Whether it's a Whisky Sour or an original take on summer cocktails, we gladly raise a toast to the connoisseurs for their craft of cocktail making. But, a delicious cocktail doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve got proof! So are you ready to pour a dr(e)am and whip up some cocktails for the evening?

Introducing The Singleton Plus Two Experience
Experience the taste of The Singleton with an original take on this epicurean delight enjoyed, as a neat serve, on the rocks or The Singleton Plus Two way (This Will Be Good!).To begin with, add an equal amount of The Singleton with a fizzy soda pop and a still drink that is sure to raise a smile. No doubt, there is #NoSingleWay to give your cocktails a makeover this summer. And, if you’re craving a bite, pair it with iconic foods (mouth-watering desserts or spicy dishes) for a multi-sensational experience. Read on to know more…

Only One House Rule: 50/50/50

To start with, grab an ornate old fashioned glass to make a well-concocted drink with The Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Raise a toast to great taste with the sweet-spicy and applesome The Singleton 12-year-old malt If you are in for a fruity experience then opt for the Singleton 15-year-old malt. For a berrylicious and nutty treat turn to the Singleton 18-year-old malt. If you’re up for a classic cocktail or feel like trying something new, ‘The Singleton Plus Two’ is right up your alley. Simply put, the recipe is a 50/50/50 split of The Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a fizzy soda pop and a fruity juice of your choice. For coffee lovers, a cold brew works as a perfect substitute to sweetened juice, so you can stir that, instead. Enjoy summertime with the ‘Tropical Cocktail’ and try this concoction made with guava juice, grapefruit soda and The Singleton (50ml each) poured over ice and garnished with a twisted orange peel. Trust us, This will be good!

The Sweetest Experience

Clink, clink! While you enjoy your DIY cocktails, we’re sure you’d like a bite of sinful, indulgent chocolate on this side. For something sweet, the caramel notes of the Ether chocolate bars made with raspberry and Japanese rice would be a great choice. Opt for orange cinnamon chocolates that's always a great combination with whisky. If your choice of variant is The Singleton 18 Year Old, then anything with nuts would be the best option (We’re thinking Chocolate Almond/Walnut Brownie). However, for extra-sweet desserts, bite into perfectly baked, frosted and glazed goodness like apple pie paired well with The Singleton 15 Year Old and lemon tarts to go with The Singleton 12 Year Old.

Dig In & Call It A Feast!

For the spice lovers, a plate of galouti kebabs or steaks can elevate the entire experience. Behold, your new favorite pick me up: The Orchard prepared by pouring soda water, apple juice and The Singleton (50ml each), and pair it with flavorful Rogan Josh. The rich flavors of the dish work impeccably with the soulful drink. (Non Vegetarians, you’ll love it). However, if you’d prefer something light, desi snacks like lotus seeds, roasted almonds and cashews, caramelized popcorns will be a great pick.

What are you waiting for? Add some flare to your evening cocktail parties or a lazy (but luxurious) Sunday with a refreshing cocktail in hand and your go-to food options. Raise your glasses to the spirit of enjoying unapologetically (just how you’d like it, #NoSingleWay) with The Singleton. Truly, a #MaltForAll.