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Want A Post-Shower Moisturiser? Ayca's Body Oil Is A Game Changer

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Dry winter making your skin resemble a landscape hit by draught? You need Ayca’s body oils {and lotions} in your life.

Oil & Towel

There’s no escaping the terribly tight and uncomfortable feeling winters bring to you skin, no matter what kinda skin type. You can go the body butter way if you wish to, but we feel like they’re more of a night-time post-shower indulgence, where time is at your disposal. Right in the morning though, you need something that’ll go on quickly and will moisturise just the right amount. This is where Ayca’s oils come in.

Applying oil after a shower might feel like a ritual belonging to our parents’ and grandparents’ generation, but you need to try Ayca’s body oils before dismissing the idea. Smear one of their body oils on wet skin while you’re still engulfed in steam and you’ll wonder how you’ve never tried this before. The fact that your skin glows like you’ve just stepped out of a spa session seals the deal even further. Best part? No stickiness or oiliness.

So We’re Saying…

All their oils are made with a blend of sunflower and wheatgerm oil, along with aromatic essential oils. The Grapefruit & Peppermint is our favourite, and the Jasmine & Rose comes a close second.

If you still feel oil might be a bit too much for you, try one of their lightweight body lotions. The Oudh Wood Body Lotion is a woody concoction of oudh wood oil, bay and neem leaf, cinnamon and cupressus bark, and globe thistle flowers, that takes you right into the forest. Sigh.

Where: Shop for the body oils here and lotions here

Price: Starting at INR 800