Not Done With Bar-Hopping At 1am? This Place Is Where The After-Party's At


    Shangri-La’s Privee’ with its lit up dance floor and great music is the place will make you want to dance the night away – even if you’re not a fan of dancing.

    How To Party 101

    The moment you enter Privee’, you’ll realize that it’s a party place, from decor to dance floor. The dancing disco lights will follow you everywhere and will set you right in the dancing mood, even if you’re not buzzed enough. But even before you enter, it’s the Johnnie Walker-eque golden installation right outside that will convince you that you’re at the right party place.

    As for the drinks menu, there’s nothing on it you won’t spot. They have all kinds of spirits from multiple brands that will be available to you, but we say you try out their cocktails which are offbeat and very close to magical concoctions. Apart from the Classic LIIT, it’s the American Glory 34 {a mix of orange juice and sparkling wine} that will set you right. Sip on drinks while listening to the beats here {which are usually very well-selected} and you’ll find yourself on another level of partying. However, the prices here are on the steeper side, so we’d say pre-game at least a little if your budget is too tight.

    The party here doesn’t start till 10 pm {ever heard of being fashionably late?} but it does go on till about 4 am, which means you’ve gotta truly be prepared to party it up over here. You’ve got to make reservations for this place, hence, get to making your weekend plan already!

    so, We're Saying...

    If you’re truly into the partying scene of Delhi, you’ve got to find your way to Privee’ to know what a party really looks like.