Quinoa, Nigari Tofu & White Truffle Oil from Olive Tree for Your Next Quick Meal

Namrata posted on 18 November

We’ve discovered the secret to whipping up fancy dishes on short notice- for yourself, for impromptu get-togethers or for date night. The key is to pick a wholesome ingredient, centre the dish around it and keep the rest of it simple.

We got together with Chef Ricci of K3, and threw in three of Olive Tree’s finest ingredients- El Olivo Organic Quinoa, Morinu Organic Nigari Tofu and Olea Europaea White Truffle Oil- to give you three basic yet delicious plates to steal the show at your next soiree!

Frittata with El Olivo Organic Quinoa and Sour Yogurt

A wholesome dish for any time of the day {all day breakfast option, anyone?} this egg-based dish is simple to make, healthy {thanks to the organic quinoa} and filling to boot. It won’t take you more than ten minutes to put together, we promise.


Cooked white quinoa – 60 gms Cherry tomato {cut into four halves} – 20 gms Grated parmesan – 20 gms Oregano – to taste Extra virgin olive oil – as per your liking Three eggs One spring onion Salt & pepper – to taste Yogurt – as per your liking Lemon juice – from a single lemon Chopped parsley – as per your liking Two garlic cloves

In a bowl beat the eggs with parmesan, spring onion, oregano, salt and pepper, and add the mixture into the cooked quinoa.

Heat a non-stick pan with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and cherry tomatoes, add oregano and a pinch of salt and cook till soft. Then remove the garlic and add the mixture with eggs and quinoa, and make a frittata on a slow fire. Cook two minutes each side.

Serve the frittata with a sauce prepared by mixing yogurt, lemon juice, salt, extra-virgin olive oil and chopped parsley.

We’ll leave the plating to you!

Insalata Primavra {El Olivo Organic Quinoa and Morinu Organic Nigari Tofu Salad with Olea Europaea White Truffle Oil and Pomegranate}

A powerhouse salad featuring white quinoa, organic tofu and white truffle oil- this is the perfect way to kickstart a meal. It’ll fill you up just the right amount; you could even make a meal of it on occasions when you just need a quick bite.


Cooked white quinoa – 120 gms Steamed Nigari tofu – 80 gms Pomegranate seeds – 60 gms Chopped mint – 10 gms Toasted pinenuts – 20gms Chopped red onion – 10 gms Chopped parsley – 5 gms Orange juice – from a single orange White truffle oil – as per your liking Salt & pepper – to taste

In a bowl add the quinoa, pomegranate seeds, chopped mint, orange juice, toasted pinenuts, chopped onion, chopped parsley, salt and pepper and mix it. Plate it in a salad bowl and top it with steamed Nigari tofu, sprinkle with white truffle oil and serve.

Pair with a fresh fruity drink or a warm cup of green tea and you’re good to go!

Morinu Organic Nigari Tofu Salad


Steamed Nigari tofu cut into small cubes – 250 gms Roman lettuce cut into thin slices – 140 gms Arugula leaves – 40 gms Walnuts – 60 gms Dried prunes cut in half – 100 gms Fresh thyme – as per your liking Extra virgin olive oil – one cap full Salt & pepper – to taste Red wine vinegar – as per your liking

Place the lettuce and arugula leaf, season with salt and pepper in a bowl. Add extra-virgin olive oil, red vinegar and fresh lime, and mix it. Top with walnuts, prunes and steamed Nigari tofu.

Pick a wine of your choice and you’re all set to dine!

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