Find Quirky Silver Nose Pins, Ear Cuffs And Rings At Quirksmith

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Ever worn the word maal on your nose? Sounds a wee bit weird when we put it that way but Quirksmith’s New-Age trendy silver jewellery is warming hearts and turning heads.

What’s So Quirky?

Started by two sisters who love the idea of design, Quirksmith gathered momentum recently. They design their own stuff and don’t hold back on the funkiest of ideas.

The whole idea behind Quirksmith is to be you. So if you’re embracing their jewellery, it’s probably because you’re comfortable in your skin and would love to pull off something authentic and different.

Some Eye Openers…

We love their nose pin and nose ring selection. If you love trying out different designs on your nose this is an awesome brand to try out. From a nose ring saying ‘Aham’ to another defining the circle of life, they have some very cool stuff.

Also check out their earrings and ear cuffs that show some tribal and Devanagari script design love!

So We’re Saying…

If you love silver and are very bored with the usual designs in the market, try these guys out. They’re operational online only for now and do not take any custom design orders. Check out their website to place orders here.