Shaadi Shopping, Street Food & More: Here's Your Guide To Rajouri Market


    Rajouri Garden is definitely one of most prominent West Delhi markets. With Street food, swanky bars, terracotta stores and Sarojini-esque shops for cheap gems, this market’s got it all.


    Jungle Jamboree

    Rajouri Garden, Delhi

    Whether it’s the Delhi-favourite momo corner or a chaat stall dishing out pav bhaji and golgappas, the variety of food in Rajouri Garden market knows no bounds. There’s even a small, Chinjabi food place that has some of the best classic soup options you’ll ever try.

    You might not want to give this family spot a miss, which has buffet starting at INR 599 or the biryani place under the metro station that took the West Delhi food scene by storm (and hey, a terrace cafe never sounds bad). And since no meal is complete without dessert, head over to this ice-cream parlour for 24-karat gold ice cream or head to this oh-so-famous bakery for their divine chocolate eclair and skull-shaped chocolates. 

    Bars & Nightlife

    Duty Free

    Rajouri Garden, Delhi

    The Rajouri Garden market has its fair share of watering holes as well. There’s a bar that has duty free prices on alcohol, a bar that has an INR 99 menu (cheap drinks FTW), a modern dhaba-style place with lethal LIITs, and a whole list of places that are tried and tested go-to hangouts for women (so gather the girl gang!). Not in the mood for booze? Check out this desi version of Starbucks for amazing java instead.



    Rajouri Garden, Delhi

    Hey, it doesn’t matter how much you end up eating or drinking – if you didn’t shop, did you really even go to the market at all? The Rajouri Garden market has places that’ll keep you coming back—like this unnamed, Sarojini Nagar-like shop that has everything from kurtis to crop tops starting at INR 250, or this place that sells plus-size clothing for men and women starting at INR 299 (they’ve got sizes from XL to 10XL). And yes, there’s always MINISO for everything else you could possibly need!

    Ethnic Wear Stores


    Available Online

    Hey, there's a reason why we've made a separate pointer for ethnic wear in Rajouri... because the variety is insane here!

    If you’ve got a wedding to go to, the options here are profuse. Head over to Flyrobe or Stage 3 to rent out complete ethnic outfits, or to Frontier Bazaar for made-to-measure readymade outfits. Ladies, stores like Shades, Global Desi, Bombay Selections, Novelty, and Kainah will take care of your ethnic needs; and stores like CP Singh, Manyavar, Vastr, His Appeal, Dhawan’s, and Style Fit will arm men with well-fitted suits.

    Check out our favourite stores here.