It's Raining Ramen: Get A Comforting Bowl At These 4 Restaurants In Gurgaon


    A bowl of goodness with slow-cooked broth, veggies, meats, eggs, fish, seafood and frills like seaweed, tofu or whatever else your heart desires – ramen is comfort food, at its best. If you’re having a bad day, or want to curl up with soul food while you binge-watch your latest Netflix obsession, ramen is perfect.

    Here’s who to call for the perfect bowl of ramen, in Gurgaon.



    MG Road, Gurgaon

    Unassuming and a bit of a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, Daikichi is Gurgaon’s oldest Japanese eatery and the only one that does a pure vegetarian ramen {even the broth is vegetarian}. Despite that, the ramen is hearty, loaded with veggies like pok choi, broccoli and mushrooms {where the umami comes from}, noodles and tofu.

    However, we recommend the Tonkotsu Ramen – there’s nothing like a flat, thick slab of crumb fried pork steak to go with a healthy, hearty bowl of ramen, no?



    Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

    Izu is all about homestyle Japanese food with the usual staples of sushi, sashimi and bento boxes{ this is what they’re most famous for}.

    If you decide to call on Izu for a bowl of ramen, get yourself the Non-Veg Ramen Miso, which is essentially chicken broth with a deeply flavoursome miso base. You can ask them to make it with pork cubes or prawns for an extra cost.

    Gohan Grill & Bistro

    Given the season, this is the place to head to for cold ramen – the Hyashi Chuka, a bowl of cold ramen soup with vegetables, meats and egg at a super sweet price point, is worth every bite.

    Bamboo Boat

    Bamboo Boat

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon

    A pan-Asian restaurant with a menu that has sushi and kimbap {try the kimchi variant} all on the same page, Bamboo Boat also has a killer ramen. A bowl of miso soup with bean sprouts and boiled egg, which you can further customise by adding a meat of your choice, the ramen is pretty basic but why fix it, if it ain’t broke?

    They also do ramen burgers, FYI.