Raw Mango Just Found A Beautiful Corner In Our Favourite Home Store

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It is rare that you ever find one brand where you like everything you see. When you do, the only logical move is to treat it like you’ve found true love and vow to never let it go. That’s our story anyway when it comes to Sanjay Garg’s Raw Mango. And just like Rihanna, we found love not in a lonely place, but at Good Earth.

Yep, Raw Mango will, from now on, be available at Good Earth; in every outlet of theirs around the city! So if making rounds of the gallis of Chhatarpur haw been an unexciting prospect for you until now, you’re in luck.

So make way for jewel and pastel-toned handwoven sarees, stunning lehengas, and gorgeous suits; wedding season is here after all!