Runway Fashion - Hidden Gem in Safdarjung

    In a time where everyone runs to a mall to get a clothes for their next big event, or accessories to add to their general awesomeness, we still love finding tiny stores tucked away in unexpected places. Runway Fashion couldn’t fit that description better.

    It’s so obscure that you won’t even find it unless someone takes you there {you’re welcome}, which means you’ll be sporting one of a kind pieces and leaving your friends wondering where you scored that fabulous pair of shoes. Runway Fashion is a boutique that carries a varied range of apparel, accessories and shoes for women. They know their trends and feature clothing that’s on point, as well as pieces that you can file away as classics that would always work, regardless of time and place. What we love specifically, is their shoes- they’ve got a refreshing range of footwear, from floral wedges, to quirky ballet flats/ loafers and so much more. They’re always changing up their collections, so if you see something you like, don’t wait too long to pick it up!

    They’ve got a small section dedicated to swimwear {they feature bikinis too}, but it’s usually only in a few sizes. We’re visiting for their unique sunnies – embellished frames and unique shapes that work for various face types. Summer is here, after all.

    Notes in our Little Black Book

    Stray off the beaten path, and head to Runway Fashion for your next retail session. Tucked away in Safdarjung, this tiny boutique has a varied range of apparel, accessories and shoes to offer. We love their unique assortment of sunglasses, and the shoes are to die for.