Tile It To Win It: Delhi Has A Scrabble Club for All You Wordsmiths

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What Makes It Awesome

Want to play Scrabble but have a hard time finding a partner who shares your interest? You’re in luck because the Scrabble Association of Delhi is an exclusive club for people who share a common love for this game, and come together to get word-y. Yes, it’s true. If your friends never understood the nerdy streak in you, you can now ditch ‘em for your new Scrabble-playing buddies. We joke, of course. But on a more serious note, whether you are the family Scrabble champion or a closeted Scrabble enthusiast, the Scrabble Association of Delhi is the place to be to get those words flowin’.

This group of people come together every weekend to indulge in a session of healthy Scrabble competition, taking the occasional nimbu paani break to cool things off and if you’re too shy to play, you’re welcome to just watch! You may want to throw in a cheer or two for the players, though, just to make yourself useful.


The meet-ups are infrequent so do check their Facebook group or blog for updates.