If the Shoe Fits: Bespoke, Handcrafted Shoes by Hemmistry


Bespoke custom-made leather shoes for men, direct interaction with the designer and free online delivery with Hemmistry.

What are They?

The shoe industry is drastically skewed in favour of women in India {and indeed the world}. Women have hundreds of brands, and thousands of designs, to choose from. And while men do have certain international brand stores they can shop at, the options are few and far between.

Targeting that large gap in the Indian menswear market, Hemmistry has come to the rescue. A bespoke, luxury leather shoe brand, they offer handcrafted, made-in-India products for men.

A Unique Service

Hemmistry have free shipping across the globe, and provide customisation for any and every shoe they provide. However, they truly shine with their hands-on approach to client interaction.

The team at Hemmistry understand you’re busy, so all you have to do is give them a call and book an appointment. They will then come to you–at the office or at home–to take your exact foot measurements and discuss with you, in person, exactly what you would want from your shoe, whether it is a select material, a certain aesthetic or just a general idea of what the look will be.

What We Loved

The fact that every shoe is made from the finest material, and that they design every pair in-house were big draws for us. From the small selection of shoes available on their website we had a few favourites.

Chief among them was the gorgeously coated Edward Cognac shoe. An exquisite shade of brown, with a leather heel and sole, this hand painted shoe won us over. Another slick looking fellow was the Charles Black; dark black loafers with a suede strap and leather lining.

What We Think

Hemmistry does provide high quality shoes {hand-made} with the best materials, so we will forgive them the slightly expensive pricing. The prices are pretty steep, but if you like classy shoes and have the cash, then this is a great brand to hit up if you need to refresh your shoe selection before wedding season, or for formal functions.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: Starting at INR 9,000 for set designs, starting at INR 13,000 for customisable designs

Contact: +91 9899750102

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