10 Picks For That Fussy Friend For Their Birthday

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Ever had that one friend(s) who was super fussy and just collectively indecisive about things ? Certainly, we all would've had such people in our lives, at one point or the other. While it can get annoying and a wee bit frustrating to deal with such people especially when it comes to buying things for or with them, LBB is here to make life easy. We suggest you to leave no stone unturned and fire on all cylinders by gifting them LBB's gifting combos that have everything, all the options. Surely, there will be one thing or something from the selection that will meet their lofty standards. I reckon we've saved you time and a headache scouring through birthday gift options for that fussy friend, thank us later.

Pack Of 14 (2 x 7 Flavour) From & Stirred Cocktail Mix

Pack Of 14 (2 x 7 Flavour) - ( Mojito+Margarita+Cosmopolitan+Bloody Mary+Pina Colada+ Red Sangria+Kamikaze Shot)


Gift your fussy friend the right buzz on their birthdays by gifting them this cocktail mix set from & Stirred Cocktail. This set is a combo pack of 14 alcoholic mixers containing two sachets of seven flavours each, the likes of which include Kamikaze, Red Sangria, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Pina Colada and Margarita. Mix these with water for nice soothing mocktails or with a spirit of choice for a boozy affair. Buy these cocktail mixers on Shop right here on LBB and raise your spirits (pun intended). 

Gratitude Gift Bundle From Bare Necessities

Gratitude Gift Bundle

This one's a perfect skin detox fix for what happens after the previous night's party. A Gratitude Gift Bundle for your friend will be the ideal gifting option if they've had a tiring outing and just want to sit in and pamper themselves. Luxurious, this gift bundle from Bare Necessities contains a Lemongrass bath salt, a makeup remover/face cleanser made from coconut oil and rose water, a lip balm and a spa bar. Comforting, isn't it ? Make haste and get this gift bundle from LBB Shop. 

Tongue Tickler Box - Pack of 9 Pickles From The Little Farm Co

Tongue Tickler Box - Pack of 9 Pickles

The Little Farm Co sells a Tongue Tickler Box that contains a set of nine miniature pickles that do much more than tickle one's tastebuds. If your fussy friend continually cribs about the food at home, give them this set that comes with piquant delights like Mango, Garlic, Lemon and Amla Pickle that are sure to jazz up their meals. Free of any added preservatives or additives, these pickles can be eaten with anything. Buy these pickles from LBB Shop and read more about the brand here

Unisex Pack of 6 Dual Solid Collection Loafer Socks From Dynamocks

Unisex Pack of 6 Dual Solid Collection Loafer Socks


We'll say that it does get cold at night no matter where you reside and if you want to keep your friend's equally fussy feet nice and warm, try this pack of Loafer Socks from Dynamocks. With a cool set of six solid coloured socks, this is your perfect bet for the friend who is also indecisive about which colour suits them best. The brand's loafer socks are trendy and comfortable made of cotton, elastic and spandex and will fit any shoe size, regardless of how big it is. Don't think, just buy these socks from LBB now.

Combo Pack of 4 From Rage Coffee

Combo Pack of 4


There's no fuss for those who like coffee, you just cannot crib as the roasted Arabica beans work their magic in your mouth and weave a spell of bliss. So reader, if your friend loves coffee, Rage Coffee is making all the rage with its combo pack that contains 50g jars of Irish Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Creme Caramel and Sparky Orange Coffee. Because this is instant coffee, there is not much work involved in getting your early morning or late night cuppa. Buy this coffee from Shop on LBB.

Skincare Gift Set From Nyassa

Skincare Gift Set


This gift set from Nyassa is cruelty-free, sulfate-free and is made from totally natural ingredients. Leave your friends to be enchanted by this brand's skincare products that are made form naturally scented ingredients. Aromatherapy at its best we say. This skincare gift set comes with soaps made from green apples and spices. They also have a passion fruit lip balm, an apricot and a shea butter face scrub along with a mogra body lotion. Have your friends smell like fruits and flowers once you have them indulge in these products after purchasing them from LBB Shop. 

Mini Happiness Box From The Gourmet Jar

Mini Happiness Box


Happiness is when the day starts with something tangy and this joy transcends all the stressful thoughts of the coming day, especially with the Mini Happiness Box from The Gourmet Jar. This gift set comes with five assorted mini jars (40g each) of condiments such as relishes, preserves and spreads, both sweet and savoury. You have a pungent Wholegrain Mustard Spread, an Orange Marmalade, a Raspberry & Strawberry Preserve, Vanilla Honey and lastly, a Mango Jalepeno Preserve. If bae gets cranky, get this from LBB Shop and watch their mood swing (to a positive one). 

Face Elixir Miniatures- 12ml From RAS Luxury Oils

Face Elixir Miniatures- 12ml

Ras Luxury Oils is a beauty and wellness brand that traces its roots to ancient means of aromatherapy. In this gift set, you are bound to find miniature vials of oils containing elixirs made up of face serums and oils. These oils contain Eucalyptus, Argan, lemon, pomegranate, peppermint and eucalyptus, kings of aroma. All one needs to do is pour 2-3 drops on the palm and gently dab on the skin to infuse the products within. Suited for all skin types, these miniatures make for the perfect gifts if your friend is out for long hours and needs to replenish their skin. Buy the products on LBB Shop. 

Curating Stories of India Perfume Set- 60ml From A Fragrance Story

Curating Stories of India Perfume Set- 60ml

You would've heard of people carrying places with them, by means of objects and things that remind them of those places. But, have you heard of smelling like places itself? We aren't kidding, A Fragrance Story sells perfumes that are named after places, for instance Goa, that has notes of aqua and zesty aromas and, the Himalaya that emanates a musky fragrance. This perfume set comes with 60ml containers of four perfumes, Pune, Goa, Himalaya and Ladakh and is available on Shop for LBB. If you're friend is picky about perfumes, like the author of this post is, go for this brand's fragrances.