Fancy Boho Sarees? Expert Recommends Brands & Styling Tips


    Ladies and sarees have a never-ending love affair. After all, they are classics, timeless. And in the fashion world, it is almost criminal to not think about jewellery when talking about sarees. Whether you fancy a chiffon saree or a silk one, a traditional one or a modern one, the magic comes together when paired with the right accessories, and then it's elegance in all caps. 

    Harini Prabakar, co founder of Divas Mantra, recommends homegrown saree brands that are exquisite to say the least, and will def amp up your OOTDs. Divas Mantra is a luxury silver jewellery brand that recreates centuries old artistry with ancient techniques, and makes stellar silver beauties for the fashion-conscious woman of today. 

    Whether the occasion is casual or formal, channel that boho vibe with these brands and slay the look ladies. And if you're a silver jewellery junkie, these styling tips will come in handy.

    Pranay Baidya

    Pranay Baidya

    Available Online

    "Modern, mindful and effortlessly Indian" is how this label defines itself. One look and we are in saree paradise! Pranay Baidya captures all the right bohemian and retro aesthetics with its playful, simple yet eye-catching prints. It will be like a timeless addition to your wardrobe. This Blue Chanderi Silk Saree with silver, gold and copper metallic stripes has a delicate silver zari crochet border and will work for both AM and PM look.

    Pair it with - An oxidised silver choker; statement jewellery works wonders.

    The Button Thief Co

    If your choice of sarees mean monochromes amalgamated with the richness of Indigo, then this saree from The Button Thief Co is tailor-made just for you. Doesn't it look really comfy and easy-breezy? They make custom blouses and sarees, and ship them worldwide too. If your fashion style is anything but conventional, pair this saree with a crop top instead of a blouse. We are vibing with the dash of boho emitting from the prints of these sarees. 

    Pair it with - Dreamy silver jhumkas; they will add more bling to your look.

    Yarn India

    Yarn India

    Available on LBB

    Let your saree do the talking. Hand-woven sarees more like your thing? You got it ladies. We agree that there is something about the feel and look of a hand woven chic saree, and Yarn India does it effortlessly. For the bold and free spirit in you, this label has plenty of options for you to choose from and their collection won't disappoint. If you’re up for it, play around with your makeup and add a bindi to complete that look. You can shop Yarn India's collection right here on LBB!

    Pair it with - A silver bracelet or ring; go simple but go classy.



    Available Online

    This one grabbed our attention for its beautiful range of aesthetic sarees that have all the contemporary-modern feels. They also make sarees if you like Indian, folk or semi-formal styles. Their range of sarees can be worn all day, to any and every occasion, especially when accessorized the right way. When it comes to the saree look, we seldom don't realise but the blouse design and the saree draping style make a lot of difference. 

    Pair it with - A quirky silver hasuli haar

    Pupi’s Artwork

    For those of you who appreciate flowery prints or symbols, and love expressing yourself through your own style of fashion, then Pupi’s Artwork is what you must check out. They make sarees with customised hand-painted impressions. This saree in particular is flowy and easy, but also edgy and feminine at the same time. Since there is drama in the saree itself, go easy on accessorizing this one. Keep your hair open or tie them up in a bun, either way you will fetch compliments in dozens. 

    Pair it with - A silver beaded necklace.


    Since we know how important it is to get the accessorizing game on point, be it with choker, earrings, nose pins or bracelets, Shop on LBB, has gorgeous jewellery that you can check out here. And in case, your saree thirst hasn't been satiated yet, these online indie labels and these beauties on LBB, will blow you away.