Obsessed With Pandas? Check Out These Bear-y Awesome Panda Products!


    Unicorns are passé; it's time to be obsessed with pandicorns (you see what we did there?). The panda-mic has been quite a mood-bummer (you see what we did there again?). Pandas basically love to eat, sleep and laze around, what a dream life! Isn't it? I'm officially announcing panda is my soul spirit. Even my dark circles match with their black round eyes. Let's accept it, these fur balls are legit the cutest creatures ever. And everything with pandas on it, just screams cute in all caps. While you can't own pandas in this lifetime, you can own panda themed stuff, from apparel to planters, and watch people go awww. Also, these make for super adorable gifts. Shop for these panda-stic products from LBB!

    Walk The Talk

    Women Baby Panda Printed Blue Sneakers


    These Baby Panda Printed Blue Sneakers for women from Jolaa are pretty cool if you ask us. Pair it with your regular denims and graphic tees and you're set for a day out with friends. Treat these handpainted babies with care - use a damp cloth and wipe them gently. If you have enough sneakers in your shoe closet and want to express your love for pandas with some other footwear style, check out these pairs of panda slides and panda juttis. Go berserk and make your own fashion statement!

    Price: INR 1,499

    Plant The Love

    Ceramic Panda Planter


    Imagine yourself standing with a cup of coffee at your balcony or window as the morning sun warms you up and the fresh breeze cools your senses, and as your eyes fall on to this adorable ceramic panda planter, you'll smile. Planters have a feel-good vibe to them, and this one by Bageechawala wins it hands down. Even if you don't have a green thumb, you'll want to deck up a corner of your home or garden with this cutie. If you're looking for a pocket-friendly gift, this is it.

    Price: INR 499 (after discount)

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    Pull 'Em Up

    Women Panda Graphic Red No Show Socks


    People may consider socks just as an essential but owning a pair of colorful and quirky socks will make your fashion style pop and fun. If you like wearing no show socks, these graphic panda-printed socks in red are very cute. Like very. The brand, Mint & Oak, also has Panda Printed Crew Socks in red and pink if you want to pronounce your panda love out loud. And if you're a panda lover, you already know the We Bare Bears' panda collection is totes adorbs. Like these ankle socks from Balenzia

    Price: INR 350

    Note It Down

    Baby Panda Notebook


    Stationery stash can never be complete. It's a rule of the world. It's high time you stopped using boring notebooks. Make this baby panda printed notebook your new BFF where you can pen down your thoughts, maintain your log, scribble some panda-nothings or just use it as you to-do list diary. Gift this notebook to a 13-year-old or to a 30-year-old, she is bound to break into a smile.

    Price: INR 179 (after discount)

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    Lounge About, Ladies

    Women Lazy Panda Printed Grey Pyjamas


    There's no denying that pyjamas have become our quarantine uniform. If it were upto us, we'd wear them to work too. Until pyjamas become acceptable workwear (someday, you never know!), our favourite part of the day will be lounging it lazy in these panda-printed jammies from NeceSera. Apart from the panda motifs, it has 'not a morning person' and 'need more coffee' imprinted on it --- you know you want it. Want to look like a ball of cuteness yourself? Pair it up with this panda mint top.

    Price: INR 1,990

    License To Laze

    Men Contrast Piping & Panda Patch White Shirt


    Choosing gifts for men is a task. That too, difficult. There aren't many choices at hand and you can literally count gifting options for men on your fingertips. Gift this blue tee to your lazy best friend, boyfriend or brother, the next time there's an occasion. If you and the man of your life are a part of stay-comfy-stay-stylish club, this white shirt with a panda patch for him is super cute. Men, make her melt with this shirt and add it to the cart already.

    Price: INR 1,890 (after discount)

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    Mask It Up

    Lazy Panda Face Mask


    Mask has evolved into a fashion statement since the pandemic struck. Move over prints and designs, let your mask do the talking. Look and feel uber cool with this sleepyhead lazy panda face mask from Soxytoes that comes in colours, mustard and pink. Match it up with your apparel for the day. If you're a victim of maskne (mask acne) like a lot of people out there, this cotton mask will be kind to your skin. 

    Price: INR 199

    Support In Style

    Panda Face Embroidered White Cap


    Go, team Panda! From the brand Lazy Panda, this white cap has the face of the furry panda embroidered on the front. How cute is that! Like most other caps, this one has an adjustable strap for ease. You can wear it in scorching summers, in winters for family picnics, at the beach vacays. You need more reasons? Oh and this one can be worn by people of all ages. Rather, people will be happy to look cute and cheery in this cap.

    Price: INR 549