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Handmade Jewellery Is The New Stunner: Check Out These Online Brands

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We are officially over the gold, silver, rose gold and imitation jewellery phase. With changing fashion, trends and styles, we've found a new accessory crush and we are pretty pumped about it. Handmade jewellery is the new stunner in jewel town! Apart from the fact that they pair really well with both minimal and OTT apparel, and the overdose of boho-chic vibes they emit, we love how every piece is statement-worthy in itself. If you have a knack for handmade jewellery or not (we're sure your opinion will change after reading this), here's a curated list of the brands that have amaze collections. 

For The Pop

If you like handmade jewellery that's popping, vibrant and all out bold, this IG store called Knot Me Cute has lovely stuff. From a mirror embellished threadwork choker (this one's bomb!) and geometric printed rings to earrings in square and circular frames with animal motifs, tassels, printed flowers and different embellishments, they have it all. If you know someone who's going to be a bride soon, gift them this brand's "Bride" Embellished Tassel Earrings, perf for Mehendi shenanigans. Sustainable fashion, hell yeah!

For The Quirk


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Kathakali earrings or Frida Kahlo ones? Beaded parrot earrings or hand-painted Trishul wooden earrings? Jute earrings or Phool earings? Evil eye or Buddha? Whether you like big chunky earrings or small quirky studs, Gonecase has an insane range of very millennial-ish and cool earrings. Dress super basic and wear these artsy pieces, you're sure to be a headturner in the crowd.

For The Art


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Do you appreciate art and all things pretty in life? Fudakti ups the art game to a whole new level with rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets that have Madhubani art on them all. Crafted by local artisans and communities, Fudakti's pieces look colorful and wonderful. If you're planning an Indie-boho dress up, just going ethnic or simply mixing and matching things according to your fashion police, this brand will not disappoint you at all.
P.S.: If you aren't an art fan but love fishes or wooden jewellery, you'll find plenty of those in their collection.

For The Trends

Trendy Treats

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Standing true to its name, Trendy Treats has accessories that are trendy and they are a treat to the eyes as you are left appalled at seeing their handmade jewellery collection which is mostly made of fabric (FTW!). If you like funky and out-of-the-box jewellery, this is the brand for you. The brand's accessories are a play of metal work atop bright hued fabrics. Whether you're going for a brunch or a shopping spree, you'll find something trendy at Trendy Treats for sure.

For The Drama

Juhi Malhotra

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Coins, jute, shells, ghunghroos and different fabrics are woven together to create some rustic stellar handmade jewellery pieces at Juhi Malhotra. This one's collection is absolutely statement-worthy and all about drama and OTT with big chunky pieces but they look really pretty, if you ask us. While the brand also creates other handcrafted accessories like bags, home decor, belts, hats and more, we totally heart the jewellery collection.

For The IG

The Tassle Life

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We all want our IG feed to look fab, we do. While we might say we dress up for ourselves, we don't leave a chance unturned to click a gazillion pictures when we are decked up. If you're smitten by the social media bug too, The Tassle Life will get you all the likes you wait for. We really like how this brand uses traditional designs and jazzes them with a few things here and there, giving it a contemporary touch. If you're looking for some fun and colour (and of course tho social media likes), check out this brand right away.

For Minimalism

The Boho Bling

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Since we've raged enough about chunky statement pieces, talking about jewellery is incomplete without cute, dainty, no fuss jewellery pieces. Resin art has been gaining popularity in the world of handmade jewellery and we aren't leaving them behind. The Boho Bling's collection does many resin pieces such as Pink Resin Heart Classic Earrings, Metal and Resin Gold Earrings, Resin And Cord Weaving Amber Earrings. 

For The Simplicity

My Meera Store

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Are you a fan of really simple pieces of jewellery and you like your clothes to do the talking instead? Fret not. My Meera Store has handmade stuff just for you. They make really simple pieces of handmade jewellery and we love them for those work calls or beach vacays when we don't want to go overboard with jewellery. They have lots of variety in hoops --- Jade & Blue Stone, Handmade Four Stone; Mini Bead Floral Oversized and more. And for when you're in the mood of dangling beauties, check out their Handmade White Stone Danglers.


If, after reading this curated list, you still haven't satisfied your appetite for statement jewellery, go check out these statement jewellery brands to keep an eye out for. If you're a sucker for Indian jewellery and can't get over our oxidised beauties, you can check out these brands, that are just a click away, on Shop on LBB. And for those of you, still connecting and reconnecting Zoom calls, we have a list of workwear jewellery just for you and your calls.