Want Funky Tees & Comfy Pants? This Brand Has Them Both!

What Makes It Awesome

Bombay Trooper, an online brand based out of Mumbai, sells completely out of the box design concepts and tees with witty one-liners. They even have cool bags that we've got our eyes on.

The colours, the words, the style, just about everything blends in well when it comes to their tees. Bombay Trooper's website is very creatively done too and it’s quite user-friendly. You can choose tees based on how you're feeling today or things you love or the places you're planning to go to. They've got myriad options to choose from, and the tees for both men and women are priced at INR 499 (not bad at all).

We say, go through the other sections too. The bags look quite good and functional, and the Firangi collection is our absolute favourite. Prices for the bags start at INR 799.

Bombay Trooper's new range of BoHo wallets has also caught our eye. They are a mix of denim/canvas fabric and faux leather, and feature designs made with artisanal handloom fabrics. The wallets are priced at INR 999.

Plus, Bombay Trooper has designed a garment that they call 'hoppers', which look like a mix between joggers and harem pants and are multipurpose; good for the gym, for college or for shopping dates (we're yet to own a pair though). And hey, they're unisex too. Prices for the hoppers start at INR 1,199.

What Could Be Better

We would love to see Bombay Trooper add more products to the accessories section. Also, we feel that a few more colour options in the tees section would be fantastic.


Bombay Trooper prints the t-shirts on-demand and takes five days to ship them, so keep that in mind while placing an order or if you're buying a gift for someone.