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Listen Up, Parents: Here's Everything You Need For Your Kid's School At Home


    Social distancing, work from home, virtual classes, online exams - these are some of the many terms that have defined the year 2020 so far. While kids everywhere may be secretly rejoicing this new norm of having to study from home, it has relatively been challenging for the parents. So, here's a curated list of stationery supplies your child would need for their online lessons. 

    Get, set, order!  

    Quirky Notebooks

    Pack of 5 Notebooks - IMI Studios

    Pack of 5 Notebooks - IMI Studios


    One of the elementary things, notebooks are a must for all kinds of classes, virtual or otherwise. With so many options available today, get something that will pump your kid further for these classes. These pack of 5 notebooks from IMI Studios are absolutely adorable with popsicles, doughnuts and more on the cover. 

    Price: INR 550

    Fun Pencils

    Upcycled Plain Newspaper Pencils - Goli Soda

    Upcycled Plain Newspaper Pencils - Goli Soda


    Now that you have their notebooks in place, get some fun pencils for them to write with. This pack of 5 from Goli Sodais made using upcycled newspaper - how cool is that! They have coloured variants of these too. Apart from being super stylish, these will also help your kids understand the importance of using eco-friendly products. As they say, start 'em young. 

    Price: INR 150

    Fancy Pens

    Diamond Shaped Pen - Penny Wise

    Diamond Shaped Pen - Penny Wise


    As kids, we loved all things fancy and cute. Buy your kids pens in different shapes and watch them go all excited over them. These ones from Penny Wise are every child's (and ours too) dream. Diamond-shaped pens, Lipstick pens, Popsicle highlighters and more, the brand has amazing stationery. 

    Price: INR 200

    Craft Supplies

    Art & Craft Supplies - StatMo

    Every now and then it's essential to engage your kids in engaging and fun activities like painting, drawing and creating fun things at home. This would require you to stock up on art supplies like different kinds of paints, sketchbooks, colours and so on. And StatMo is just the place for that. From glitter pens to glues, they've got it all.

    Price: INR 15 upwards 

    Pen Stand

    Pen/Pencil Holder for Desk - CraftExpertise

    Pen stands have got to be one of the most convenient desk accessories. This pen holder comes with a sand hourglass attached to it and is bound to look good on your child's study table.

    Price: INR 160 

    Pencil Pouch

    Cactus Shaped Pencil Pouch - Peppy Basket

    Cactus Shaped Pencil Pouch - Peppy Basket


    Alternatively, you can also give your children a pencil pouch for keeping all their school essentials. This Cactus Shaped Pencil Pouch from Peppy Basket is spacious enough to store pens, pencils, erasers and more. They have a bunch of other options you can choose from. 

    Price: INR 449 


    Now that your stationery supplies are in order, check out this guide for more study accessories your child would need.