We Found An All-Natural Perfume & Gloss For Shiny, Fresh Hair

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What Makes It Awesome

Perfume before you head out and a lip product in our bags is basically a part of all of our daily routines. But I found a way to incorporate both a perfume and a gloss into my haircare routine and my (now) frizz-free hair is thanking me for discovering Simrasa Luxuries, an online-only sustainable hair care brand that makes all-natural and cruelty free products for super silky and shiny hair.

The Nourishing Hair Gloss is basically a blend of ghee and 4 other very moisturising oils like hemp and macadamia oil that together add some shine to hair and also calm down frizz. I also liked that it can be used to detangle hair easily and before applying heat to hair to protect it. I usually apply it after I've blow dried my hair to make it look less heat damaged and it smells SO nice all day long. The Hair Perfume is a balance of fruity and woody scents so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It’s alcohol-free, too, so it doesn’t damage hair. It comes in a spray bottle so it’s easy to spritz and be done.

I also really liked the packaging, the glass bottles and lettering makes it look super luxurious and the bottles are reusable so it’s sustainable, too. 

Price: INR 1,099 for the Hair Gloss, INR 899 for the Hair Perfume

What Could Be Better

A travel friendly bottle of the hair perfume would be pretty useful to carry in our bags for some freshness post workout or long day out. 


Their Instagram profile (@simrasaluxuries) is full of tons of DIY tips and tutorials for healthy hair. Plus, everyone’s hair is so gorgeous on their feed that it’s serious hair inspo!