Coffee Lovers, Tried Sleepy Owl's Cold Brew Yet?

Navni posted on 09 February


If strong chilled coffee is your jam, you might want to hit up Sleepy Owl – they’re delivering cold brew coffees in different variants right to your desk in 24 hours. Or if you want it immediately, drive to a grocery store.

Brewing It Right

We’re used to getting our iced coffee prepared from hot shots of espresso poured over ice cubes. However, Sleepy Owl brews its coffee beans {sourced from Chikmagalur} without subjecting them to any heat. The result? The coffee is smoother and retains its original Arabica taste.

The brand has hit the nail on the head when it comes to the brews as the coffee is not acidic at all; as such, we can gulp down glasses through the course of the day without our insides feeling violated {though we would recommend you stop at glass #5!}.

Black And White

Sleepy Owl recommends four standard variants of iced coffee: Smooth black coffee, Vietnamese {this one’s made with condensed milk and is a little on the sweeter side}, iced coffee with milk {this is your classic cold coffee but SO much better} and cold brew tonic {this is essentially coffee and tonic}.

However, since they send only the cold brew, you’re going to have to arrange for the milk and other ingredients. Each box contains 1.5 litres of coffee {it’s perfect for offices!}, comes with little illustrated recipes at the back and a nifty tap for convenience {and cuteness}.

So, We’re Saying…

Sleepy Owl’s a great option for mass caffeine requirements, especially during the daily grind.

Price: Starting at INR 550 for one box {subscribe to three if you’re going to be drinking this every day}

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