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Bili Hu

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What Makes It Awesome

The kinda DIY we love! Bili Hu is the new place where we’re getting our coffee from. The brand takes its name from Kannada, a language spoken widely in Karnataka. A place that's home to the majority of coffee plantations in the country. Bili Hu brings the tastiest of coffee brews straight from the farms of Chikmagalur. Which is the birthplace of coffee in India and is popularly called the 'coffee land of Karnataka'.

We love this brand because they bring to our cup different blends, interesting tastes and the best kind of Indian coffee. If you’re a coffee connoisseur who cannot function without your daily cup of Joe and happens to be very particular about your concoction, Bili Hu will help you tailor-make your ideal brew. Their coffees come in different variants, Arabica Robusta Coffee, Balur Estate Coffee, Aghora Estate Coffee and more. What we personally love about this brand, Bili Hu, is that they send coffee powder to your home which that you can brew to the strength and consistency you like. Nobody can brew your cup of coffee as well as you can, and Bili Hu gives us the chance to do exactly that. The great part is that their vast range starts at just INR 315! We recommend the cold brew, which is kickass and will get you out of your morning slumber like nothing else can. And they deliver all over India.

Apart from some beautifully brewed coffees, Bili Hu also retails various Coffee Makers like Filter Paper, Aeropress, Coffee Siphon, Bean Grinder and many more. It's basically a Coffee haven for all the caffeine addicts. 

Price: INR 315 onwards 


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