Leafing Through Soul Tree's Natural Hair & Skin Care Range This Monsoon

With hair care, skin care and cosmetics made from all-natural ingredients to keep the chemicals at bay, Soul Tree aims to nourish you head to toe with chamomile, nutgrass, aloe, rose and turmeric, among other products. We got our hands on some of these goodies, and here are our thoughts.

Nutgrass, Neem & Chamomile Facewash

Like most other natural products, this face-wash doesn’t generate much foam, which always feels like a downer somehow, but once we used it for a week straight, it didn’t seem like much of a concern. It’s gentle with a mild fragrance, and seems to be pretty good for getting rid of excess oil without drying out the skin; the perfect tool to battle humidity.

Triphala & Henna Shampoo

Again, we missed the lather most shampoos give us, but this one really caresses the tresses. It could be all in our heads, but we’re pretty sure we saw a difference in hair-fall over a course of 2- 3 weeks. The fragrance, however, is a little overpowering; you might want to get a mild conditioner to balance things out.

Apricot Oil & Honey Kokum Butter

We swear by our cocoa and shea butters during winter, but the current weather calls for something lighter. We weren’t super happy with the fragrance of this moisturiser when we opened the bottle. Fortunately, it comes out quite different on application but is still on the sweet side, so make sure you’re okay with that before you get it. Not sure if we’d want to use this on a daily basis, but it’s pretty handy to have in your handbag; dryness can happen anytime!

Lipstick – Deep Blush

The first thing which attracted us to this lipstick {as is the case with ever other lipstick} was the shade. A deep orange bordering on rust, it’s great for an understated look at pretty much any hour of the day. It stays for hours and is creamy, albeit just the slightest bit dry. Nothing a dab of lip balm can’t fix.

P.S. It smells of organic holi colours and is made out of cow’s milk and honey!


We recommend getting one of their travel-combo packs. Not only are they convenient for when you’re on the go, you also get to try a range of things and figure out what works for you before you go big.

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Price: Starting at INR 150

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