How To Rock Statement Sleeves Like A Pro

If your fashion GK is in order, you know that the 80s are back in a big way. Which means, the return of statement sleeves...*drumroll*

Not only does that mean jackets with XXL shoulders or puffed, statement sleeves but also mastering the very rare act of pulling them off. But fear not - we've got said silhouettes in wearable styles, all at affordable prices. Read on for that 80s trend we can all actually imagine wearing: 

Bell Sleeves Denim Top

If you're on the curvier side and worry about your arms/upper body wearing your confidence down, bell sleeves are a great hack. I personally wear them more often than tight-fitting silhouettes - especially in crowded spaces like the metro, or more professional environments. I got this denim top on LBB during a sale and it's honestly the best investment ever.

Knotted Sleeve White Kimono Top

Taking it up a knot (ch), this white kimono top is made by June Studios. The easy white looks chic paired with contrasting palazzos, denims or if you wanna rock an all-white look, opt for white pants. The Cotton Dobby fabric is super breathable and unlike all our other whites, this one's non-transparent. Yay!

Green Striped Shift Dress

This one's hands down mine and every LBB-user's favorite 💚 It's on-trend, super chic and ticks the eco-right box too! I mean, how often do we spot a slit on the sleeves? It's made in a Khadi cotton material and the earthy colour definitely makes it really stand out.

Lantern Sleeves Top

Voluminous at the top and cuffed at the wrist - the leg-of-a-mutton sleeve has been crushing it on the 'gram! We love the offbeat teal and the semi-transparent material works perfectly for a date night *wink* *wink*.

Pro-tip: This needs to be hand washed in cold water in order to maintain it for a long time. 

Bell Sleeves Ruffled Top

Always end with the best of the lot, and keep 'em wanting more...

This Vritta top sold out as soon as it went live on LBB and here's why: The ultra flare looks bomb and the lightweight cotton fits SO well. The cinched waist helps with a flattering fit and the eye-catching pastel? Just wow! It comes in a pretty green too, JFYI. P.S. - It's on LBB for a super affordable price, so 🏃🏻