Strawberry, Champagne Or Irish Cream: Treat Yourself To TGL Co's Gourmet Tea Blends


Mumbai-based startup, The Good Life Company {TGL Co.} offers teas sourced from across the world and blended in Europe. If you’re a tea person, you’ll love this luxury tea brand very matcha and if you’re not, TGL Co will turn you into one with its exotic blends that you probably won’t find elsewhere.

Tea-rific Brews

The Good Life Company’s elevating the high tea experience to a whole new level with its range of teas blended with unique flavours, fruits and flowers to offer brews that are not just healthy but oh-so yummy.

This company categorises its teas by type {white, yellow, oolong etc.}, by origin {China, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka & India}, by ingredients {aloe vera, mango, cranberries & more} and by collections {connoisseur, dessert and wanderlust teas from around the world}.

If you’re someone who likes mild flavours and fruity notes, you’d love their Strawberry & Aloe white tea or the Orange & Mango Oolong tea but we’ve kind of had our heart set upon the Strawberry & Champagne Green Sencha tea with ingredients like rose buds, lavender, champagne and strawberry. They’ve got a tea called Happy Holidays with flavours of orange, spices and brazil nuts which sounds like a warm hug on a chilly winter evening. A happy holiday indeed.

For the Indian palate, TGL Co.’s feisty green tea blend with notes of red and white peppercorns, ginger and raspberries could be a great option.

So, We're Saying...

Based on whether you’re a tea beginner, tea sommelier or a tea master, you can even opt for TGL Co.’s subscriptions starting at INR 679. 

There are few things that can wash away a hard day’s blues, a good brew being one of them. Curl up in bed with a TGL Co. tea on one of those days, maybe?

Shop here {starting at INR 599}. They deliver across India and charge a delivery fee for orders below INR 1,000.