Strut Your Stuff: LBB-Approved Heels

Heels make life just a little more exciting and glamorous. We're all, however, always wary of heels because it often ends in some intense TLC sessions once you've taken them off. No worries, we're giving you some BOMB LBB-approved heels that epitomise comfort AND style so you can strut your stuff, and love every moment of it!

Frilled Open-Toe Stilettos

An instant classic with just a little extra going on, these are super sleek and elegant-looking stilettos, PERFECT for a cute lil' date night or a night out with your girlfriends. Pair these with the perfect LBD or even some white pants and a cute top!

Frayed Denim Strap Sandals

These are every casual heel-wearers dream. Super snug with two comfortable denim straps, these heels are great for a super simple and casual outfit on a nice summery day! Denim is ALWAYS on trend.

Monochrome Straps Slingback Sandals

Ideal for a chilled-out brunch or just for everyday when you want a lil height boost just because, these monochrome sandals are a great unassuming addition to your outfit to elevate your looks, pun intended.

Glossy Pointed Toe Black Heels

We can never have enough work shoes because they're so hard to find, but here's your saviour. These heels are super comfy and work appropriate, so you can wear these everyday till you wear them out!

Frayed Strap Jute Wedges

Wedges are a summer dress classic and these are way too gorgeous to pass out on. For the amount of undeniable comfort and chic style this offers, its only ₹1500 - and that's a steal if I ever saw one. 

Pulled Thread Trim Block Heel Sandals

Another casual and comfortable classic, these block heels are really easy to carry off and won't have you wobbling over just so you barely manage some walking. The shoe silhouette is very comfortable and sleek, with just the right amount of light blue hues to add a subtle pop of colour to your outfit.

Studded Strap Zip-Up Heels

And for the piece de resistance, the party-wear shoe for which we scour the shoe aisle for hours. These high heels are tastefully embellished for just enough bling and elegance. Balance is hard to find, so don't trip!