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#LBBPicks: Near-Perfect French Fries In Delhi

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We love French fries. And we must admit, when the possibility of working and eating emerges, we tend to just grab the opportunity. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to find the best fries in town for you, which is one of the more fattening parts of the job—everyone needs a hero, you know.

You might ask, “Fries? Who even goes wrong with fries?’” But the real question here is, “Who really goes right with them?” So here we have it, our hand-picked list of places that serve the most mouth-watering and taste-bud-bursting French fries in Delhi NCR. We hope you have a happy meal.

Cheesy Fries By Johnny Rockets

Forks down, because we already have a favourite—The Johnny Rockets Cheesy Fries. They serve the classic long fries that are well done and generously topped with a thick creamy coating of melted cheddar cheese sauce and a bit of grated cheese. Another thumbs up to Johnny Rockets’ American diner vibe are the cute jukeboxes on every table {non-functional, however}, and old school Mick Jagger-like music to go with the ravenous act of your diminishing the fries. It’s rather beautiful.

You can also try their Chilli Chicken Fries, Bacon Cheese Fries, Masala Fries and the classic American Fries.

Price: Starting at INR 110 for regular fries; INR 230 for cheesy fries

Best Fries Ever By McDonald’s

Drawing up a list of fries and not including fast-food Goliath McDonald’s definitely tops our list of the seven deadly sins. These fries have the right amount of salt {more than the right amount of fat, too}, and are pretty much perfect as far as fries go. While their peri-peri flavoured shake-the-fries are available in Delhi only during certain seasons {so unfair}, they are absolutely wonderful whenever we do get our hands on them.

Also, do you think shaking that bag of fries counts as exercise before we devour them? Hmm, we thought not.

Where: Find the nearest outlet to you here

Price: Starting at INR 60

Jalapenos And Cheese Bits Fries By Big Fat Sandwich

This is by far the hippest stall one comes across while walking across the pathway from Promenade to Ambience. If you hear good thumping tunes and smell something delicious, warm and amazing wafting in the air, just let your nose lead the way, and you will arrive at Big Fat Sandwich. While we love the many options they give on their sandwiches, today we’ll just talk about the fries.

We tried the jalapeno bits and cheese fries, that were basically a huge portion of warm French fries mixed with tiny pieces of jalapeno and tossed with cheese. We liked the tangy, unfamiliar element the jalapenos lent to the dish. This could count as a full meal-for-one, in our opinion.

Do try their dips—sriracha and mayo, wasabi mayo, garlic aioli and mint, among a few others. Other fries they serve up: Bacon bits and cheese, for when you’re going all-out.

Price: INR 120

Peri Peri Fries By Nandos

A lesser known fact about Nandos; they make some killer peri-peri fries. This is somehow off the menu and might possibly be one of the few things a vegetarian can enjoy here, but it definitely makes our list. Their peri peri masala is not very spicy and mildly sweet, which leaves a nostalgic, almost homely taste in the mouth.

Where:  Find the nearest outlet to you here

Price: INR 100 {approx.}

Mustard Tossed Home Fries By Coast Café

Because the more variety, the merrier. Coast Cafe does another twist on our favourite potato dish; it’s covered in bits of mustard and comes with a special sauce. Having these along with a cool glass of iced tea—we’re so in.

Price: INR 180 for one portion

Classic Fries By Carls Jr.

Who doesn’t like some good ol’ trusty fries? When you want to go safe and not experiment much, head over to Carls Jr. Also, while you’re there, we’d definitely like to give a little shout-out to their onion rings, too. We would say YUM but we’re too busy chomping.

Where: Find the nearest outlet near you here

Price: Starting at INR 79

Masala Fries By High On Burgers

There’s honestly no such thing as too much masala, and so we, without guilt, recommend another one of the masala fries, straight from High On Burgers. It’s a little shop tucked away in the corner of Amar Colony Market. The fries are absolutely delicious, and great for when your pocket says no, but all of your willpower and stomach say yes.

Price: INR 70

In conclusion: Fries are to-die-for. In excess, they’re also to-die-from.. but you know, potato, potahto.