This Buffet Restaurant Offers 11 Cuisines & Is Perfect For Family Dinners

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What Makes It Awesome

West Delhi folks, there’s a buffet-style restaurant called The Market Place in Kirti Nagar and it's got 11 global cuisines, all in one place.

With a separate space, menu and decor dedicated to each cuisine, this place is on its way to become a popular food destination. Two things about The Market Place had completely bowled me over; the decor, and how well everything here was planned and thought out. 

With every cuisine, you're also stepping into a new setting. For example, the seating near the American counter has a bridge and graffiti detail, while the Italian section has faux grass and swings for seats. They've made sure that the place gives you a sensory experience like no other.

Your first stop here will be on the ground floor counter, where you can choose your buffet package, and accordingly, a wristband will be given to you. The restaurant itself is located on the first floor, where you're free to have as much as you can possibly fit into your tummy.

Another plus, their menu keeps rotating and the rates are very affordable. I can't remember the last time I ate this much. I tried a large variety of food from seven of their counters (including drinks and desserts), and the flavours were completely on point.

What Could Be Better

They also have live music almost every evening, but to be honest, it got a little too loud for conversations.