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Delhi, 20 Kickass Cloud Kitchens That Need To Be On Your Radar

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Let's be real, it's too much of a hassle - getting dressed to go out to eat and all that jazz. For me, nothing beats ordering in. Besides, we have so many great delivery-only kitchens that are convincing us to enjoy a memorable dining experience at home with their beyond tasty meals. So, here's a roundup of the top cloud kitchens and takeaway restaurants in the city that you can order from. From lip-smacking Indian to Thai cuisine and desserts too, read on for a great (and safe) gastronomical journey. 

Let's get orderin', shall we?

The Rollin Pizza

We know our Pizza well and TRP is one of the cloud kitchens we would recommend you to try out for the most authentic pizzas. Be it authentic wood-fired Pizzas with a choice of crust (Hand-Tossed, Thin Crust & Cheese Burst), Garlic bread or mouthwatering Pasta. When ordering from a cloud kitchen we also notice the packaging and we can say they’ve aced that as well.

Recommended For: Pizza and pasta. 

Price For Two: INR 600

CurryNama By Seven Seas

Care for some good Indian food? Currynama is where you should be ordering from. A Modern Indian Cuisine delivery restaurant creates a classic yet distinct culinary experience. It hails from the house of Seven Seas, which has a 25-year history. The brand lays out popular Indian cuisine in an eye-catching aesthetic with sustainable packaging and a meticulously crafted menu to meet Indians' ever-changing cuisine demands. Tulsi Kofta Curry Fish in Banana Leaf, Pesto Infused Chicken Tikka, Kakori Kebab Tacos, Dal Seven Seas, and Gur Rasgulla are a few of the speciality dishes that you must try. The brand has now expanded its branches across Delhi-NCR, to name a few G.K.,Rohini, Gurgaon, Lawrence Road and Noida and we are ecstatic about their newest launch in East Delhi.

Recommended For: Dal Makhani, Raval Pindi Ghosh, and Biryani 

Price For Two: INR 1,000


If you love a good fast-food meal, Chickeera is where you should be ordering from. Offering the most flavourful selection of delicacies from the Middle East and America- all with a uniquely Indian flair! Having introduced Delhi to the unfamiliar, international flavours of Ashets straight from the streets of New York, Chickeera is now adding a dash of Indian taste to their menu with new fusion items. From Chicken Tikka Ashets to Paneer Tikka Masala Burrito, the new Indie Chicks menu has elements from a variety of cuisines that an Indian palette would absolutely love.

Recommended For: Burritos, Pitawiches, Baklavas, and Ashets.

Price For Two: INR 500


Rightly originating from the Pali word for Nirvana, Nibbana is a takeaway service started by a mother-daughter duo who have revolutionised traditional Indian food for us. Their menu is brilliantly curated with dishes from all over the country - Kerala, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and so on. Bhakhri with Besan Zunka, Laccha Parantha with Butter Chicken, Malai Kofta, and Kaccha Aam Curry - are a few of the many dishes that we are surely going to order. 

Recommended For: Rajasthani food

Price For Two: INR 450 for one

Pro-Tip: They also have a separate Keto menu with options like Keto Paneer, Keto Rogan Josh, Almond Roti and Malai Kofta and lots more. 

India Fish Company

Based out of Vasant Vihar, India Fish Company, as the name suggests, is all about hearty fish and seafood. This delivery-only outlet does one of the best fish curries (Chettinad Pomfret Fish Curry, ftw) in town. Love prawns? We hear their Mustard Blast Shrimp is a must-try. While they're prominent for their seafood, you can also order Chicken Curry, Mutton Rogan Josh, Mushroom Twist and a couple of other dishes that don't have any fish floating in them.

Recommended For: Sea food.

Price For Two: INR 700

Etsu - Eurasian Kitchen

A GK-based cloud kitchen, Etsu offers delightful European and Asian cuisine that is bound to take you places. So everything from a Caser Salad to Thai Curry - can be found on their wide menu. They're highly recommended for the Grilled River Sole Fish, Mushroom Risotto, Chicken Stroganoff with Herb Rice, Chicken Katsu Curry and lots more. 

Recommended For: Thai curry and Risotto

Price For Two: INR 899 onwards 

The Passion Project

If you're a breakfast person then this delivery and takeaway outlet is for you. The Passion Project is quite famous for its Bagels and their yum Bagel Sandwiches are testimony to that. They also offer wraps, toasties, healthy bowls (including Keto ones), pasta, desserts and more. 

Recommended For: Sandwiches and Bagels

Price For Two: INR 800

Hello Panda

Hello Panda

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Hello Panda is the passion project of Chef Vikramjit Roy, the culinary genius behind The Chanakya's splendid Kimono Club. If you're looking to have a fine dining experience at home, this is the place to be. Everything from a Crispy Lamb to a Crystal Shrimp Dumpling is a gastronomical wonder in itself. Cold plates, curries, dim sums, sushi, you're going to love everything this place has to offer. 

Recommended For:  Dim sums and sushi

Price For Two: INR 850 onwards 

Burger Rani

The average Indian's love affair with burgers is long-standing and Burger Rani just got the assignment right. With burgers inspired by the streets of India and  Indian cuisines, the brand promises to give you burgers that will comfort both the nostalgic kid in you and make you want to re-order. Saffron Crumbed Mutton Galouti Burger, Oye Makhani Tandoori Chicken, Malabar Beetroot Quinoa, and Jhakaas Bhuna Soya Chaap Burger are some of our favourite burgers to order from here. A special mention for their packaging, it’s genius and beautiful at the same time.

Recommended For: Burgers with an Indian spin

Price For Two: INR 600

Baking Bad

One of our absolute favourite cloud kitchens for Pizzas, Baking Bad has over 40 different kinds of pizzas! Their slices are gigantic and will feed you well. I've tried the Napoli Classic Pepperoni Pizza and Heisenberg Pizza which is dense with toppings. What's best about this cloud kitchen is that they're open till 12 at night so all your late-night cravings will get sorted. 

Recommended For: Napoli Pizzas

Price For Two: INR 750 upwards 

50 Shades Of Chocolate

The main course is sorted, how about your order something sweet now? Based in Vasant Kunj, 50 Shades Of Chocolate is this cloud kitchen that delivers delish pancakes, waffles, shakes and some snacks too. To be honest, this is a perfect place for ordering a sweet Sunday breakfast. You can also order in combo meals like Masala Maggi with Cold Coffee, Chocolate Waffle with Oreo Shake and more.

Recommended For: Breakfast

Price For Two: INR 400 


D’Oliva is bringing in Detroit-styled pizzas to Delhi. D’ Oliva is a relatively new delectable delivery-only eatery that brings forth authentic Italian cuisine. The classic caesar salad, the crunchy bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers, succulent Sicilian style sandwiches, and a melt-in-the-mouth wild mushroom burger with an added bonus of decadent desserts to compete with the savoury items is what we would personally recommend.

Recommended For: Detroit-styled Pizzas and cheese garlic bread

Price For Two: INR 800


What’s a better way to end a day than ordering Ice-creams. Well, now don’t just cave into your sweet tooth with guilt since Artiste offers some healthy options of artisanal ice-creams. Each ingredient used is handpicked with care and is preservative-free. The ice cream is hand-made and churned in small batches, helping achieve a smoother, creamier texture. Some of their best-sellers Rose Saffron, Chilli Guava, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Double Dark Chocolate, Arabica Coffee, Lemon Vanilla, and Strawberry Creme among others.

Recommended For: Artisanal Ice-creams

Price For Two: INR 400

Nomad Pizza

Nomad Pizza

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Who doesn’t like to try different kinds of Pizzas, well Nomad gets you Pizzas from different regions of the world from Korea to America you can experience every kind. We get to experience a travelogue through our tastebuds as opposed to just the standard vegetarian and non-vegetarian options being offered by most pizza outlets. Although the Margherita and Pepperoni pizzas are bestsellers as the comfort, go-to options, the Calzone, Chicago Deep Dish, Armenian, Spanish and other regional variants can also be given a try. 

Recommended For: Pizzas from around the world

Price For Two: INR 1000 



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Care for some guilt-free burgers? Well, we’ve got Burgrill for you. They curate healthier alternatives that provide nutrition to the body. They’ve got juicy, decadent, and flavourful burgers and sides. We would personally recommend you to try their Chicken cheeseburger that consists of minced 100% chicken patty which is grilled topped with cheese and packed between butter-toasted brown burger buns which is also available in Double and triple patty. You should also try their Slider Boxes, Chilli Cheeseburger, Smokey cheese nads, and end your meal with their Banoffee cup.

Recommended For: Cheese burgers and sides 

Price For Two: INR 400 

Top Dog

Top Dog

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Delhiites, Top Dog is bringing forth real hot dogs so that all of us don't miss out on this American fast food. Apart from the OG hot dog served with ketchup they’ve got plenty of variations that we absolutely loved. What’s also surprising is that they have special in-house veg sausages for all the vegetarians in the house. We’d recommend you to try their Mobster, the OG top dog, and their pulled pork. We’d like to especially mention their packaging of Hot dogs which was impressive and made the experience of eating a hot dog less messy. 

Recommended For: Hot dogs

Price For Two: INR 400



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The nostalgic person in you would be pleasantly surprised by this Cloud Kitchen, that has opened up quite recently and is bringing forth 100s of regional dishes from around our culturally diverse country. Acing the Butter chicken game, which is according to us quite a task, what we also like from this particular Delivery joint is the fact that they offer food that they curate boxes of different regions in India.  Rajasthani Safed Maas, Gunpowder spiced chicken wings, the Kolhapuri chicken, and Zamaana’s signature vegan kebabs, are some of what we enjoyed. 

Recommended For: Authentic Indian food from across the country.

Price For Two: INR 



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For a guilt-free treat, NOTO has an entire category of healthy ice creams that range from low-calorie, zero-added-sugar, vegan, fruit popsicles, ice cream cakes, and mini bites. They have recently also launched their vegan and sugar-free range of ice creams that are a rarity but they’ve got you covered. FYI, they also have recently also launched their range of healthy Mithais. 

Recommended For: Vegan and Sugar-free Ice-creams 

Price For Two: INR 300 (approximately.)



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There are not many experiences that are as satisfying as digging into a good burger. Three childhood friends in Gurgaon set out to recreate their idea of the perfect burger experience in the year 2018. What sets Burgerama apart is the ‘outta-this-world’ amount of flavour packed into every bite of their burgers, be it veg or non-veg they are equally juicy. Recently, they’ve got together with Naagin, a cult-favourite hot sauce brand for a special scorching hot collaboration that will have you licking your fingers and rubbing your bellies with pure delight! We absolutely love their Naagin x Burgerama Smoky Bhoot Chicken,and  Naagin x Burgerama Spicy Double Nutri Cheeseburger to name a few. 

Recommended For: Cheese Burgers 

Price For Two: INR 500 (approximately.)

Slyce Pizza

We love our Pizzas, clearly! Now, who better to make it than those who gave us Louis Burgers, right? Slyce Pizza is all over the internet right now and for all the right reasons. We’ve tried Pizzas from a lot of brands and honestly, we are loving their Pizzas and especially since it comes with 6 exclusive complimentary condiments that come with the Pizza that are not just your regular chilli flakes and oregano, but also Pepperoncini, Hot Red Paprika, Toum Sauce, and Jalapeno Mayo. The Pizzas are one we will surely keep ordering from. 

Recommended For: Authentic Pizzas 

Price For Two: INR 600


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