Comfort Food FTW: Delhi, These Kickass Cloud Kitchens Need To Be On Your Radar


    Let's be real, it's too much of a hassle - getting dressed to go out to eat and all that jazz. For me, nothing beats ordering in. Besides, we have so many great delivery-only kitchens that are convincing us to enjoy a memorable dining experience at home with their beyond tasty meals. So, here's a roundup of the top cloud kitchens and takeaway restaurants in the city that you can order from. From lip-smacking Indian to Thai cuisine and desserts too, read on for a great (and safe) gastronomical journey. 

    Let's get orderin', shall we?



    Lodhi Colony, Delhi

    Rightly originating from the Pali word for Nirvana, Nibbana is a takeaway service started by a mother-daughter duo who have revolutionised traditional Indian food for us. Their menu is brilliantly curated with dishes from all over the country - Kerala, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and so on. Bhakhri with Besan Zunka, Laccha Parantha with Butter Chicken, Malai Kofta, Kaccha Aam Curry - are few of the many dishes that we are surely going to order. 

    Price: INR 450 for one

    P.S., they also have a separate Keto menu with options like Keto Paneer, Keto Rogan Josh, Almond Roti and Malai Kofta and lots more. 

    India Fish Company

    Based out of Vasant Vihar, India Fish Company, as the name suggests, is all about hearty fish and seafood. This delivery-only outlet does one of the best fish curries (Chettinad Pomfret Fish Curry, ftw) in town. Love prawns? We hear their Mustard Blast Shrimp is a must-try. While they're prominent for their seafood, you can also order Chicken Curry, Mutton Rogan Josh, Mushroom Twist and a couple of other dishes that don't have any fish floating in them.

    Price: INR 325 upwards 

    OCD - One Curry Destination

    One Curry Destination is a ghost kitchen that has created quite a buzz in G-town with its signature Butter Chicken and Naan (heavenly). It's quite literally the best we've ever tasted. Their menu is wide and has plenty of dishes like Tandoori Prawns, Mutton Nihari, Paneer Tikka Masala, almost all kinds of Naans and lots more. Just talking about their menu makes us salivate. 

    Price: INR 350 onwards 

    Etsu - Eurasian Kitchen

    A GK-based cloud kitchen, Etsu offers delightful European and Asian cuisine that is bound to take you places. So everything from a Caser Salad to Thai Curry - all can be found in their wide menu. They're highly recommended for the Grilled River Sole Fish, Mushroom Risotto, Chicken Stroganoff with Herb Rice, Chicken Katsu Curry and lots more. 

    Price: INR 400 onwards 

    The Passion Project

    The Passion Project

    Greater Kailash - 2, Delhi

    If you're a breakfast person then this delivery and takeaway outlet is for you. The Passion Project is quite famous for its Bagels and their yum Bagel Sandwiches are testimony to that. They also offer wraps, toasties, healthy bowls (including Keto ones), pastas, desserts and more. 

    Price: INR 400 onwards 

    Hello Panda

    Hello Panda

    Available Online

    Hello Panda is the passion project of Chef Vikramjit Roy, the culinary genius behind The Chanakya's splendid Kimono Club. If you're looking to have a fine dining experience at home, this is the place to be. Everything from a Crispy Lamb to a Crystal Shrimp Dumpling is a gastronomical wonder in itself. Cold-plates, curries, dim sums, sushi, you're going to love everything this place has to offer. 

    Price: INR 450 onwards 

    Baking Bad

    One of our absolute favourite cloud kitchens for Pizzas, Baking Bad has over 40 different kinds of pizzas! Their slices are gigantic and will feed you well. I've tried the Napoli Classic Pepperoni Pizza and Heisenberg Pizza which is dense with toppings. What's best about this cloud kitchen is that they're open till 12 at night so all your late-night cravings will get sorted. 

    Price: INR 450 upwards 

    50 Shades Of Chocolate

    The main course is sorted, how about your order something sweet now? Based in Vasant Kunj, 50 Shades Of Chocolate is this cloud kitchen that delivers delish pancakes, waffles, shakes and some snacks too. To be honest, this is a perfect place for ordering a sweet Sunday breakfast. You can also order in combo meals like Masala Maggi with Cold Coffee, Chocolate Waffle with Oreo Shake and more.

    Price: INR 200 onwards  


    Miss home-cooked meals? Here's a list of some really amazing home chefs that are doing an excellent job by delivering comfort food straight to our doors. And if you're planning to cook something up all by yourself with minimal effort here are some DIY meal boxes that you can order online.