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A Trip To This Haunted House Will Cost You INR 128 & A Few Nights' Sleep

Nitya posted on 07 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

Think haunted houses are for kids? A visit to Amoeba’s Dark House in MGF Metropolitan Mall is sure to change your mind. At this place, even the silence gets to you and we’re pretty sure the horrifying figures will too.

Not For The Faint-Hearted

Amoeba in Gurgaon is an entertainment centre that has everything from bowling and arcade gaming to a sports bar, indoor rides and now, a haunted house. For INR 128, Amoeba’s Dark House gives you the chance to experience something straight out of a horror movie.

We all have that one friend who boasts that he/she’s not afraid of anything. Be it ghosts, spooky stories or pitch dark rooms, they claim to be a true braveheart. We suggest that you challenge them to a 10 minute walk in Dark House and chances are, it’ll frighten them out of their wits.

Expect skeletons, hanging bodies, eerie sounds and blood-curdling elements that we’d rather have you experience for yourself. Just know that you’re probably gearing up for what might be the scariest 15 mins that you signed up for and we can only hope that you make it out safe and sound.

So, We're Saying...

If not anything, Dark House will get your adrenaline pumping and offer you a cheap thrill that we all need once in a while {can’t rely on alcohol every time, you know}. Prepare to be horrified, amazed and at one level, turn into kids again!

Check out more details here and on their website. 

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