Trips for the Wildlife Lover to Take

Time and again, we forget just how rich our country is when it comes to both flora and fauna. We say let the magnificence of nature humble and transform you. We’ve made a list of trips you can take if you enjoy spotting wildlife.

Jim Corbett National Park

We all have heard of Jim Corbett in the Nainital area, but what you probably don’t know is that it’s divided into four sections that operate as per the season. For bird-watching it’s best to go peak season {between Oct-Feb}. Monsoon {Jul- Sep} is better for people who want to experience the quieter side of the park as well as the fauna. For the best sighting of the animals though, you’ll have to bear the heat in summer {Mar-Jun}. You can catch the likes of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Asian Elephant and the Grey Hornbill.

Driving Time: 5 hours

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Bandhavgarh National Park

With India’s highest population of the tiger, Bandhavgarh is highly underrated. There is wildlife in abundance – great winner for photographers of the same. The best time to visit is between October and June; the monsoon season can get mucky. There are a variety of safaris you can embark on, always with a guide, but if you’d like you could drive your own 4×4 car, have them drive you around, or even explore on an elephant! Go here for the tigers.

Driving time: 11 hours {alternately, you can take a flight/train to Khajuraho and drive for 6 hours from there}

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Agra Bear Rescue Facility by Wildlife SOS

Just outside of Delhi, a little distance away from Agra, is the Wildlife SOS facility that has rescued over 200 sloth bears, who were previously forced to dance for human entertainment. They also have elephants and dogs. The distance from Delhi is ideal for a day trip, but if you stay longer you’ll be able to interact more with the bears, and feed, bathe and walk the elephants. They’re all kept happy and content; you’ll leave feeling just the same.

Driving time: 3 hours

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National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife SOS - Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Mathura Delhi Highway, Near Runakata, Agra, Uttar Pradesh


Gir National Park, Gujarat

Gir houses the largest population of wild Asiatic lions; in fact they’re also known for their exotic collection of birds and animals. Expect to find Gir foxes, pygmy woodpeckers and the black buck – to name a few. Due to their proximity to Diu, you can kill two birds with one stone – enjoy a day/ weekend at the national park and spend the rest of your time exploring the beaches of Diu. They have tours dedicated to different animals and birds, so you can choose to see just one or two, or see all on their Wildlife tour.

Driving time: After taking a flight to Diu, the park is about 3 hours away.

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Kanha National Park

There is a large variety of wildlife to be found here, but the barasingha or the swamp deer definitely represents. The picturesque park that inspired the infamous ‘The Jungle Book’ houses the hard-ground variety of this particular deer, and birds and animals such as leopards, tigers, egrets, kingfishers, hyenas and black buck – to name a few. Monsoon is a no-no, and they remain closed from July to October. LBB tip: they have a museum outlining the activities of the park and providing insight into the tribal culture of the area.

Driving time: 15 hours {alternately you can take a flight to Jabalpur airport and drive to the park which is 4 hours away from the airport. More information, here.}

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