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Try Tau’s Café And Lassi Bar, Gurgaon For Authentic Punjabi Cuisine

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Tau’s Cafe & Lassi Bar serves some of the best Punjabi food we’ve tasted; right from the chicken to the parathas to the lassi.

The Gravy Yard

We went straight for the tawa chicken and were delighted to not be served orangeish gravy with a tiny piece of chicken in it. It was an authentic, bright red and spicy onion-tomato gravy, and boy, could we immediately tell the difference from the usual. The chicken felt juicier than most other places, too.

We also had a go at the meat {mutton} curry and laccha paratha meal; it’s a beautiful break from all the orange stuff you get served at other places. The lassi is downright fantastic, as we prefer the plain meethi version over the fusion sorts {like the Oreo or chocolate ones}.

About The Place

The ambience is fantastic, and the seating is traditional and old. They even serve food in the massive, heavy utensils still used in traditional Punjabi kitchens. Their servings are as massive as their utensils, and the parathas are so huge we almost mistook them for parking spaces.

Although I didn’t quite understand why the board depicts old men in turbans smiling at a laptop screen, we’d go here every single day for some meal or the other. Only if it weren’t in such an unheard-of part of town.