Looking For A Weekend Activity For Your Kids? Tumble House Has Reopened


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    What Makes It Awesome

    If your kids have had just about enough screen time over the past few months, and are waiting for some good old fashioned play time again, we’ve got some awesome news for you - Tumble House has reopened! They’ve got a whole lot of safety measures in place too, so your little ones can enjoy playtime without you worrying.

    To begin with, they’ve got air purifiers installed which have certified REME HALO and PHI technology to kill SARS-CoV-2 viruses on air and surface. This technology is proven by CCMB-CSIR Lab for O2 cure (as directed by ICMR) to neutralize Covid 19 virus with the reduction of 99.9% from the indoor spaces. This is one of the most unique safety measures in place. The play arena is also sanitised after every play slot. All the equipment is sanitised every two hours. Masks, shields and gloves are mandatory for the Tumble House staff. They also get regular COVID tests to ensure their safety as well as all those who visit the play arena.The brand ensures that guests follow certain safety precautions too, right from social distancing and making sure that parents and kids sanitize their hands when they enter, to getting temperature checks and keeping bags in the UV Case. 

    We’re sure that your kids are going to love being back at Tumble House, and with all that playtime, they’re bound to get hungry. The restaurant also has some safety measures in place like using disposable utensils and contactless ordering.


    Pre-book a slot on their website or call them on +91-9599070802  to enjoy uninterrupted, safe play time for your kids. Choose from exclusive slots for birthday parties with small groups, and even exclusive play slots for just you and your little one on Mondays.

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