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    Vegan Ice Cream From White Cub Is Surprisingly Yummy

    Parul posted on 30 August


    White Cub is breaking stereotypes with its delish vegan ice cream. It’s dairy-free, gluten-free and comes in a bunch of flavours we all enjoy.

    Dairy-free How?

    Using alternative ingredients like soy milk and nut milks, White Cub has developed an entire range of frozen desserts that don’t have a single drop of dairy, so whether you’re intolerant or abstaining, you don’t have to forego a delight like ice cream anymore.

    Hello Flavours

    We tried four essential flavours, and found that taste and texture were very much intact; chocolate is chocolate and vanilla is vanilla. The texture is all creamy and delish, so you’re not fooling your palate and are probably doing it a favour. Here’s upping the ante; they have a sugar-free flavour as well, and no, it’s not something dour and boring. It’s Choco Heaven, and the heaven bit comes from dates {so no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, yay!}. The Coffee Vanilla is another great pick made with a low-calorie sweetener.

    Go plain and easy with Vanilla Mist; it’s light and creamy, albeit a bit easy on the vanilla. Hardcore ice cream junkies should go straight for the Sinful Chocolate, Strawberry Crush or Butterscotch, where the crunch is vegan and not a load of maida!.Fruit lovers can also rejoice; they have everything from Mango Moments to Blueberry Nights and Buddha’s Fig, which is pretty fancy.

    Where Do I Get ‘Em?

    White Cub dairy-free ice creams are available in over 25 locations in Delhi NCR. Check them out at Godrej’s Nature’s Basket, FoodHall {HyperCity and Gurgaon}, Le Marche, Modern Bazaar and Needs. They also cater for weddings, parties and events.

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