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Yum Veggie Chinese At This Takeaway Place In Shalimar Bagh

    Shalimar Bagh, Delhi


    A decade-old veg Chinese takeaway in Shalimar Bagh, Slic Chic is my all time favourite for its special momo, drumsticks, chilli potato, manchow soup and penne in red sauce.

    A Green Heaven

    Even though it’s a small joint, it doesn’t do Chinjabi. In fact, it creates an altogether different version of it. I also love it because it won’t burn a big, gaping hole in the pocket.

    Good Things Come In Small Table Sizes

    Slic Chic isn’t a big shot when it comes to restaurant space. At any given point in time, it can accommodate 10-12 people who can sit outside and tuck into the momo {winter’s coming!}.

    This place is a stone’s throw away from my place and its Chinese treats have been my go-to all through my growing-up years. I’ve grown so fond of Slic Chic that I find myself here at least twice or thrice a month. Having stayed in this area for long, I can safely say that it’s one of north Delhi’s best.


    The best time to visit this place is in the evening {post 6pm}. People begin to make a beeline around sunset and I’d really suggest going here on an empty stomach.

      Shalimar Bagh, Delhi