#GoHereBuyThis: These 3 Wardrobe Essentials Will Help You Get The Perfect Vintage Look


    Didn’t we all love Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s or Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year ItchBe it the voluminous lace gowns, fur collars or bell bottoms, all of us have grown on a heavy dose of vintage inspired fashion. Vintage style clothing is definitely making a comeback and how. 

    You don’t necessarily have to raid your grandmother’s closet or hunt down a thrift store as we’re getting you a low-down on the easiest way to go vintage this season.

    Flapper Dress


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    From beads and sequins to feathers and flappers, don’t be afraid to bring out the 1920s vibe and experiment with the fringe.

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    Ruffles are a game-changer when it comes to vintage. Flaunt it on sleeves, dresses or pants to add drama to your outfit.

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    This pattern of criss-cross horizontal and vertical bands works well on dresses, skirts and shirts.

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    Photo courtesy: Aradhya Kumar for Style Coquettes.